Monday, March 5, 2012

Email–Mar. 2, 2012

Dearest Family,
I'm doing very well. I love all the emails and knowing how everyone is doing. I will say I was a little sad to find out that grandpa had died. I then look back and I'm very happy that I stopped to stay the night with him. It was a good thing to talk and hug him when I did, thanks mom for that advice. That is just another example of how the plan of salvation works and can give us more hope in this life.
Mom tell everyone at work I miss them. They all played a great part in helping me meet new people and knowing I can always be myself. I wish I could hug them all.
You know this week has been great. I'm finally getting used to the climate and how people shake hands down here. Last night we had our open house where investigators come to know about the church. I was a great instrument in the hands of the lord. The first was awesome and we could feel the spirit working with us. The second always seems to be the harder one, but this time I brought our companionship through the rough storm of questions and come backs. I simply stated humbly and meekly with a lowliness in heart. It was a testimony to me that I can do this work with my god behind me. It was last night that helped me know I can be a great missionary.
We went to the temple again this week and it's always hard for me there. My thoughts are often turned to my family. While I sit and ponder I think of mom holding my arm and talking to me!
It is a great experience for me to out here as a missionary to learn what I must do to be independent. Mom and Dad you did a great job in teaching your son the gospel and how to rely on Christ. I think of you often.
Jacob and Jill stay close to the lord and his teachings. Never be scared to pray to him in need. He will always be there for you and will bless you for your willingness to call on him. I love you two more now than I ever have. You two are the best people that I can think of. I'm glad to know that we are an eternal family. I witnessed and joined in on sealings in the temple and realized how awesome it is to know we will never be torn apart.
I'm so excited to hear I'm getting a package. I would love candy, a tape of your voices, pictures, a lineage of my priesthood, my patriatichal blessing laminated, and a letter from each of you. If all of that is okay. Also letters are a great thing to have down here, they are solid gold. Please write me often so I can always read them. I'm also sending and have sent a package of my own to you, be excited for it. I'm sending pics over this too.
I love you very much and can't wait for letters. Know that  I know this church is true. I'm off to go on an exchange with missionaries from here.
Always Forward Africa
Elder Jack Dalton :)

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