Monday, July 23, 2012

Pictures–July 23, 2012

So there was a bull running loose in our township, then some pics of the baptism, the small guy I'm next too is Elder Bangater, and the big guy is Elder Palmer.


God Tries Our Patience To Try Our Faith–July 23, 2012

Dear Family,

I have never seen more miracles on my mission than in my area of Katlehong. I have witnessed the Lord and his mercy extended to everyone and caused hearts to change. Seeing what I have seen, I could never deny that Heavenly Father is exists for he watches all that we do. I heard a cool saying for people in hard times thinking that God doesn't hear our prayers, " The Teacher is always quiet when a test is given." God lets hard things happen to watch us and see if we can move through them with Faith or failure with sin. It's hard with faith, but great blessings come from hard work. That is what I've noticed from this week.

Katlehong is a blessed area full of great potential, but just needs the work to push it along to get it to work. Elder Bangater and I have set to this work with a running start! We've been visiting our Less Active members and investigators with such a zeal that the spirit hits them like a brick wall!! We've been talking with our wonderful Branch President to make plans in reactivations and repair to his branch. Our focus is to reactivate, before we continue too much on conversions. We are starting with strengthening the priesthood and motivating them to take care of their part of the vineyard. To let you know how bad it is, our elders quorum is less active and the members that attend church the most is old go gos and small children.

The most part of our week has been very challenging. I almost killed my companion and caused him to be sent home for medical reasons, but i prayed so hard not to and be able to get over it. I've learned that many people don't think how what they say will be taken, but I got over it and just had patience through hardships of canceled appointments, drunks causing fights, and communication problems. It's all worth it in the end.

My blessings came at the end of our week. The first Sunday I was here we had 1 investigator at church and 2 less actives. This Sunday we had 13 investigators at church and 6 less actives, the place was packed. Also the branch have become really friendly to me and all know me to be Elder Bumba! They all say I\m just like Elder Fagg and that is a good thing! I was told that I'm a crazy missionary, and that's what the branch needs. We also had a baptism this Sunday which was powerful! So, Heavenly Father knows what is going on in our lives and will bless us when the time is right. The biggest blessing of the week was getting my new companion Elder Palmer who is in the same group as me. We even traveled to mission together and are extremely alike. He got his appendix taken out and then was placed with us to be with me for a long while. We picked him up today and I know now that God is blessing me for my patience and hard work. I can't thank him enough. So it will be a threesome for awhile, but then down to just us. I'm very excited about it!

If anything is learned from this week it's, obedience was never meant to be easy, but the blessings that come from it all are worth it! I still love mission and can't believe I'm almost at six months. The church is true and God truly loves us all. I love all of you very much! Keep pushing through the hard times and enjoy the good times!

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack Dalton

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A lot of Work and Another Mountain to Climb–July 16, 2012

Dear Family,
I've been placed into an area that needs a lot of work and it's
upsetting to see that people haven't taken care of such a wonderful
area. I almost have to take a deep breath, because this area is going
to need a lot of work. My new area is a township named Katlehong, it's
the same size as American Fork, Lindon, and Pleasant Grove combined
maybe bigger than that. I also have a new companion, Elder Bangater
from Highland Utah. He will leave me in 4 weeks to go home and I will
be in charge of this area. He's a cool kid, that is willing to work
until the end and is a lot stricter than my last companions which is
good for this area. He's also served here before, but it was a year
ago since last time.

The area is so bad that more than two thirds of the branch is less
active including the elder's corm president. The branch president
holds no meetings and all the leaders are pretty much asleep when it
comes to their duties. Also we really only have two investigators and
the other twelve are made up names just put up on a board to make it
look as if they had something. It is very upsetting, because I've met
so many people here that are amazing. This area should be the jewel of
our mission, but from laziness it is falling apart.

I've never began to be so obedient and pray so often on mission than I
have here. It's going to take a miracle from heavenly Father to let
us again bring our branch back. I'm doing everything I can to let that
happen for him to grant that miracle to us. I've started to come to
post the phrase " He notices every sacrifice we make" as my theme,
because as I give up my bit of "rebellion" he can bless us more
freely. I've noticed the miracles already by whatever I pray for
coming to pass, appointments falling into place, and having the spirit
carried with me that gives me more power than I've ever felt.
Elder Bumba is being used for our heavenly Father to move mountains!
My spirits are kind of shaken, but they are hardening to pull this
branch up with the lord's help. I know I can't do this alone, and
nothing will happen with out his intervention. I'm just trying to stay
happy and control my passions. It' very hard to be as obedient as I
can, but when my thoughts start to wonder to ease up, God gives me a
miracle to move through it all.

In the seven days we've been in our area we've done so much. We've met
with a lot of less actives and have held three large combined FHE nights
to inspire the branch to unite. I used Dad's idea of Captain Moroni as
my main message. We've helped a less active of two months to come back
to church and quit smoking, so we have really been "thrusting in our

I can now see this area will be my test, and a really big adventure.
Dalton's have been known to do hard things, and this is just another
chance to show it again. Just keep praying for me and write me often.
I need all the help I can get :)

I love you all so much:) Mom good job and getting back to work and
loosing so much! It will be hard to notice you when I see you again.
Dad, good luck on the test you'll do great and don't give up on
working out. It's hard at first, but you'll start to see the blessings
flood in! Jacob you are the man! keep moving forward and working hard.
Trust mom and dad in all you do. There are times in our lives that we
may stumble, but our parents can pick us up and dust us off. You are a
Dalton and you are my brother, I love you. Jillian don't worry too
much about high school. Have faith in your future and pray to Heavenly
Father for the best. I know you, and you'll be great:)
I love you:)

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack F. Dalton

July 2012 Pictures



From the Ghetto to the Township–July 9, 2012

Dear Family,
This week has been very bitter sweet for me in a lot of ways. I had the feeling that I would leave and it is true. I know that you all are wondering what will happen to me so I should start off by telling you what's what. At our district meeting on Friday we had transfer predictions, everyone thought I would be sent to Botswana. Except it looks like the Lord has another plan for his "Elder Bumba". Later that night I got a call from president Omer telling me that he had a special assignment for me to do. He said I would be sent into an area that is being whitewashed, meaning both missionaries are being taken out because something bad happened there, and it would be our duty to try and keep it alive. The other thing was that I would get a companion who would be leaving me at five weeks to go home, so he asked if I could handle the area on my own with such a short time. I told him I would do anything he asked me to do, I thought of 1 Nephi 3:7. I was actually very honored to have this challenge, I can't wait to see what happens as I put my hand to the plow.

The week was very good and we continued to tear it up. We ate again at the area 70, Elder Soares the one from this conference, and had Brazilian food. Dad it was called some thing like Vass-you-ada with a drink call Gaurana. Let me know if you had it. The rest of the week went on, Saturday Elder Jenkins and I tore it up on the b ball court and I've never made so many baskets in my life. We just kept chucking our luck up to companionship unity!!!! It was a blast.
Yesterday, Everyone at church was very upset to hear that I would be leaving. And they all were more mad at the fact that it was such short notice too. They all wanted to feed us like crazy and our two nights are totally booked up. Later we were fed and had a lemon fight with some lemon trees in the member's yard. I then remembered that Elder Jenkins had played baseball and could really throw! ouch! It was all loads of fun and a blast. I finished the night by seeing my African Family the Masetes. They were all very sad and fed us so much. I took a lot of pictures and will try to send them. It was that moment were it really hit me how much I love my area and the people I serve here in Jozi central. I thank my Heavenly Father so much for these people and placing me here. I have found Zion in Africa.

Dad, sounds like your really keeping up on the healthy way of living! Keep going! The hardest thing to do while you loose weight is endure to the end. Remember that dad, to endure to the end ,just like you do in the gospel. Make sure you have a goal ahead of you to look forward. That goal will pull you out of the thoughts of giving up! I know you can do it dad! your superman anyways on the inside, so complete it on the outside!!

Mom, there isn't much to say besides your beautiful and amazing! period! Can't tell you more! Just remember to be easy on yourself and do the things that make you the happiest, like spending time with your kids, I'll try to be there but I can't make any promises, lol :) Just be happy mama:)

Jill and Jacob, eish! you two are awesome as well! Jacob it's scary to hear you'll be dating soon. That's too crazy homie! Just remember looking at the fire is fine, but once you play with it you'll get burned. you'll be fine I know just remember, YOUR A DALTON! So represent Son! Jill it's okay to stay going a little boy crazy, just remember they are dumb and that a temple marriage is were it's at! Never settle for less and you also remember YOUR A DALTON, more importantly your a female Dalton, a bit more valuable. I love you two so much, remember that:)
As for me, I'm very well and very happy. I can't wait for another adventure and meeting new people. You will now have a reason to look forward to next Monday to find out who and where I am. That will be fun to talk about:) Keep writing and sending pics:) I love you all!

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Super Power: My Ability to Love!–July 2, 2012

Dear Family,
This week has been all over the place and one of a lot of hard work.
Elder Jenkins and I have really been tearing it up in Jozi central. We
had a total of 35 lessons taught and 6 new investigators. We had
almost half of all the lessons taught this week in our Zone. Heavenly
Father really has been blessing us with the ability to move his
kingdom. I'm kind of sad that I may only have another week here and be
moving somewhere new. I know that Elder Jenkins will do great with
everything, but this area is now a huge part to me.

We went on exchanges this week and I went out teaching with an Elder
named Van Heredan. He's from Port Elizabeth and a true blue
Afriakaner. We had so much fun and joked. He also helped me out so
much with my own inner problems. I'm very hard on myself and have
always wanted to know what my special skill is as a missionary. He
basically told me I'm a good missionary that has an amazing ability to
love all people. He was amazed at the fact that everyone of our
investigators has a deep love for me and I for them. He noticed in my
teaching that I spoke love and was honest in my care for my people. I
had never noticed it until he told me and it hit me so hard.

Later at the end of this week. I found out one of my little sisters in
the Masete Family broke the word of wisdom and was a total wreck the
night we came to see her. She was so full of guilt and Mama Sonia
wanted some help from us. My big brother mode came into play and we
took care of her. I then talked with my African Mama and gave her some
advice on how to handle this, because the African way is really to
beat her. Instead I taught how Christ forgives. That it stings at
first, but he heals with love and compassion. So far so well and they
are helping her.

Finally, yesterday was awesome! Elder Jenkins and I taught primary!
The kids loved us and they all knew who I was. When I opened the door
they shouted "ELDER BUMBA!" We taught about prayer and fasting. We
sang a ton of songs and just had a great time! It makes me realize
that little child really are heirs to the kingdom of god. Can't wait
to have them . . . in due time:)

I'm doing well and love you all. Dad keep going on the shakes and
smoothies! That movie gave me a lot of hope and I know you can do it:)
Mom stay happy and take it easy . Jacob and Jill I sent you letters:)
Keep out of trouble and be safe. Everyone watch out for each other and
I'll write again soon:) love you all:)

Love Your son and brother,
Elder Jack F. Dalton