Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

Dear Family,

It's so hard to even understand where to begin this email. This week has been so awesome and such an adventure! I've witnessed so many things both physically and spiritually! A mission is the best adventure I've ever been on yet!

Better to start off by answering some questions that have been asked to me. I was asked "How is the work? Are you feeling confident when you teach? Are you becoming at all comfortable with the culture there yet?". The work is so awesome and is really moving! All of the people we come in contact with really have been prepared by the Lord. We have 22 people on date for baptism and are planning on six baptisms this next month, if it's the Lord's will. We baptize every third weekend of the month as directed by our awesome bishop, so we take our time building people's testimonies. With teaching, it comes naturally to me. I love talking to people. I feel very confident that I can teach and that I know the doctrine. The challenge comes in two ways: to teach simply and to be able to discern with the Spirit. It is so cool to work with the Spirit and even more cool to watch it work with people in their own lives! My trainer loves having a companion who can just take over. He says that it's amazing to watch a "son" simply take action. The secret is just to open your mouth and listen, I'm working on complete reliance on the Lord. My companion is district leader and said that he told our zone leaders that I should train when I'm done with him. What a compliment! Of course i would be terrified if I did :) The culture is coming to me a bit at a time.

This week I've witnessed the Spirit work like I've never seen. Monday I prayed for help that I would find something in my studies that would help someone else. We met with a guy who thinks there is no hope in repenting, that he always falls back into drinking. His questions where answered with exactness from what I had studied. I was ready to cry when I felt his pain and knew I had his answer in my hand and in my heart. It was amazing to be a tool and have my prayers answered. I also have a testimony of the power of discernment. I love listening to people and simply saying what the Spirit puts into my heart. I may not know these people, but Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do. I just love being here for the ride!

This week has also been a one of many firsts. On Tuesday my companion and I came across a burnt out taxi van in the middle of the road. The windows had been smashed, seats stolen, and tires slashed. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen. The people are crazy down here I tell you! That wasn't even the craziest thing! Saturday we were driving to an appointment and two cars ahead of us a smash-n-grab happened to a lady! That's where someone sees something of value on the passenger seat of a car when the car pulls up to a "Robot" (Traffic light) and someone on the street smashes the window to grab it off the seat. It happened so fast and was so crazy to see. The two guys just seemed to be normal, when out of the blue, they smashed her window and ran off with her purse. What a Rush!

This week has been a challenge for my companion. Elder Fagg came on mission as a pretty heavy dude and has lost a lot of weight. They even thought he might have a worm, but he doesn't. They just call it the Fagg sickness, and I've started to catch it. I know I'm losing, I can hardly keep my pants up and I’ve placed a new hole in my belt. It’s awesome, but back to my comp. Lately at night he has only gotten 3 hrs of sleep and has been struggling. There seems to be no reason why he's not sleeping, so the zone leaders took him into the doctors while I worked all day with a ward missionary named Treasure. The doctor said that it could be diabetes or an overactive thyroid. We won't know for sure until Tuesday. He is really worried and I do my best to give him comfort. I've earned the title in the mission as "Mom", because I take care of everyone. I gave him a blessing and now we are just waiting.

I've received four letters! I was running in circles and jumping up and down! Two are just the emails you sent me, and two are from Grandma Karen. They gave me such a boost that day, I needed them. Still no packages, but I haven't checked the post today. Maybe I will get lucky. Let me know if you all want scripture cases like Dad's. I can get them if I have the cash this next temple trip:)

Family, know I'm doing well and love to hear all this great news from home. You are all in my thoughts everyday. I know that I'm where I need to be. I love you all very much.


Elder Jack Dalton

Oh I almost forgot. I found out I can Skype this Mother's Day. You just need to download the material. I will have more info next Monday. :)

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