Friday, December 14, 2012

Mission Softens the Heart–December 10, 2012

My Eternal Family,

This last week was full of service and random activities. I've been to a giant Buddhist temple, fed horses, cased cows, cooked for 200 people, broke it down at a youth conference, and gave a last min talk about faith. It's funny how much I've been doing here, but time to time I feel my heart hurting for the situation of my area. I can say I spent most of my time last evening thinking to myself how life is truly how you decide too look at it. Similar to blinders on a horse we can focus on the negative only or the positive. For me I'm trying to see that a few rain clouds in my sky of sunshine should never ruin my day, but be a mere shady spot.

It was interesting for a Zone meeting this Friday we went to a Buddhist Temple to have it. The place was so huge and right in the middle of no where. It was much like those places you see in old kung Fu movies and where you feel at any moment ninjas will fall from the sky. It was very peaceful and extremely beautiful to see all the effort to beautify the temple. The monk that was there was also very funny and a blast too talk with. In my mind I thought all of my love for Asian culture is being fulfilled while I still serve in South Africa. The meeting was a great time too see everyone and Elder Fagg, who goes home in 41 days. My favorite part came when I got my post. Yes, that means I got the Package!!!! I love it so much everything in it will be a blast too have and decorate with. I can add that the caramels were the first too go:) Thank you so much!

Afterward the Zone leaders took us to the Stake center to help for the next two days with a youth convention. I met many people from Pretoria and had a great time helping with food and organizing. There is just something about working hard and a simple conversation with funny old women I love as we all cook. Friday night was my favorite time, it was the dance that we got too make sure everyone had a good time. I wore the bandana I got in the package to surprise everyone at the fact I could out dance anyone there. Everyone was crazy and screaming at the sight of a missionary breaking it down, even the leaders were happy that I got the kids excited. Many after said I would be famous cause they took pics and videos to paste on there Facebook. It was a lot of fun.

That same night we left with the Zone leaders who took us too a surprise. The surprise was a entire block completely decked out with Christmas lights! I never felt so trunky in my entire mission than at that place, on top of it the zone leaders popped in a cd full of Christmas music! I am glad to see you went through a light forest, because that night it felt like I was a little kid again looking out of the car with a huge smile. I knew that this was just what I needed. Thank you mom and dad for that memory!

Finally, Saturday evening we spent the time at our Branch president's home for pizza night and fun. We toured around his small farm with his young kids running around us the whole time. As a side note my President is very young around his early 30's with a young family. We then shot wasps nests with paintball guns, then I helped his wife feed the animals, we made personal pizzas, made cotton candy, and then got the news that will make mom flip. President said that we could Skype for as long as we wanted at his place on Christmas and that he has unlimited internet! Looks like I'll see you all on Christmas!!!! Woot woot!! I even just heard in an email from President that we are allowed too Skype!

I love the pics of the Christmas tree I'm sure it looks awesome back home:) Dad Thank you for writing me, it made a huge difference in lifting my spirits. I love you all so much and will write again next week:)

Love your Son and Brother,

Elder Jack Forrest Dalton


Miracles and Vacations! – December 3, 2012

Dear Family,

This was probably the best week ever here in good old Witbank! It was full of spending time with our zone leaders, Christmas parties, and a miracle or two:) I can say that this week has really lifted my spirits with a new hope and a stronger testimony that our heavenly father really is watching. Sometimes it takes a little struggle to loosen up the ground in order too grow up.

So the week started with us going out too Pretoria with the Zone leaders. They were picking us up for a zone conference the next day to be on time, they then told us to take the car around to find some activities the zone could do in the future. We were kind of amazed to be able and sight see around some awesome places in one of the most cheese boy parts of South Africa. We found a Elephant sanctuary, a crocodile farm, and a huge dam. I got some awesome pictures of those:) It would later turn out that we would stay with them for the next three days and even join them in teaching. It was wonderful to teach with Elder Fagg again, I had many flash backs to my greenie area. Then just the blessing to be able too teach was amazing, it's been hard going from 30 lessons a week, to be blessed with just one or two.

Then on the last day we were with the Zone leaders they told us the best thing I've ever heard. The mission had decided to give us our own car! I was dancing it up, rubbing my eyes, and screaming out in joy when they told us that! When I saw that car it just sent me over the edge, and I hugged that car. It's so nice to have a tool that will allow us to travel to all of Witbank, be able to visit more than one investigator/less active, and help us to stay out later in our area. Not to mention it personally gave me a renewing of hope in this area and was a personal answer to my prayers of help. Who new that something I took for granted in other areas would be a huge miracle in my eyes now. I'm extremely thankful.

Then this Saturday was our Branch Christmas party! It was full of a braai, bounce castles, and a lot of soccer. I was able to meet so many people of my branch and really get an in with them. It was a great time to talk and ask questions on how best too help the bleeding branch as the day went on ward. We also blew them away when we told them we had a car to visit people, they also noticed the huge blessing that comes with it. Now when I said a lot of soccer, I meant we played until our bodies could barley move. The missionaries had played at six in the morning until half seven, then we played it from eleven till four in the afternoon, Talk about crazy times with the branch. I think I'll be really good at soccer with this rate keeping up with how much we are playing.

I'm still happy and excited to work here in this area and be able to be the best I can at being a instrument. These are wonderful people and with this new hope, it makes the work much more possible. Happy Birthday to Jillian again! I'm excited from all the news you send me, keep it all up. I think about you all everyday, and it gets more powerful the closer I get too Christmas. Much love.

Your Son and brother,

Elder Jack F Dalton


Our Afflictions Are Swallowed Up in the Joy of Christ–November 26, 2012

Dear Family,

Well I loved hearing from you last week and it helped me to be motivated with this area. Except right after we got done emailing and went out to our bikes, and we found them stolen. I simply laughed my head off at that, in Witbank you have to be ready for the worst i guess. We then found out that we would have to buy brand new bikes from our funds, my companion was not very happy. Still I've reached the point were I'm not letting the things like that effect me too much and have been praying hard too seek help from heaven. This area is in need of much patience and healing, something I want to give the most.

We did have many positive "tender mercies" that the lord blessed us with. Tuesday we invited the district to fast with us and then we headed out to tract for a few hours. Later we would find out it was the hottest day yet this year that we did, but we met many good people and might have planted seeds all over that neighborhood. We met two white families, both seemed invested, but were leaving for a holiday till next year. One was a beautiful family where I talked with the mom and here two boys. When I asked if we could come by and teach their ten year old started shaking his head yes over and over, I hope that turns out to be a new family. Then as we were getting ready to leave because of the heat, we were let in to teach the first lesson to a young man in his 20's named bongani. That was our only lesson all week, I started dancing and singing "We just had a lesson, We just had a lesson, we just had a lesson, and it was really great!"

The rest of the week went slowly. I studied a lot about patience and love. I read about the sons of mosiah with Alma the younger preaching to the Zoramities. It helped me to find were I could place my worries and discouragement, read Alma 31. Then we met up with our branch president, President Nish, and his first counselor, brother Piercy. Both men are great leaders and are struggling to keep their branch afloat. They gave us a branch list and went through it to identify the less actives who we might be able to reach. It came to my attention that the elders here have been working hard,but not reaching out to the needs of the area. The branch is bleeding and is desperate need of healing. They lack a sense of unity and love for each other.

This was confirmed when we had our branch conference and I got to see our branches' state for the first time. I have to say it was one of the most awkward meetings of my life. There was no sense of unity and it felt that everyone was asleep most of the meeting. I was tempted to stand up and shout WAKE UP! It was good time to see that there is great members here, they just need the fresh blood that comes from missionary involvement. I felt great love and hope for the branch as I saw their state, so much that it over came my feelings of "Why me in Witbank." The way I see it, a missionary can come here do almost nothing for their time and leave, no one would know the difference. Or one can get immersed with the branch and help them to feel the love that comes from the gospel to set the stage for new converts to be welcomed in. I want to be the later. The hardest thing is going to be our transport, I just chuck it up to allowing Heavenly father to witness our faith for the miracles we will need.

I did celebrate a mini Thanksgiving here in Africa with elder Hoffman in my district. We were on exchange for the day and remembered it was Thanksgiving, so we decided to make a huge feast and braai up a huge Texas steak. They don't sell turkey here, so meat is what we went for. Needless to say we talked about home and the memories we have of spending time with family. We really wanted to watch some football that day and feel more American. We heard that the 49'ers beat the trash out of the browns! Go San Fran! I'm sure dad was very happy. As for Christmas we have no idea, we'll be inside for three days not allowed to tract. I'm open for ideas though.

Happy Birthday to Jillian! I'm send you some pictures and there will be a card on the way soon to you in the mail. The post strikes are up again and I've only received one letter since Oct. I love you all so much:)

Love your son and brother,

Elder Jack F Dalton


Another Challenge. . . Witbank–November 18, 2012

Dear Family,

So I'm just kind of jealous at the fact your all in Disneyland partying it up. It's cool to me too see you all having a blast and keeping up the traditions of our family. Myself on the other hand have fallen into one of my biggest challenges yet and I can see how this will be one of those make it or break it areas. Before I get into it all I will start with the good news first and then the challenge.

So the good news that we found out at transfer meeting was we all are going home two weeks earlier than planned. Due too the decrease in the MTC time they need to move up some transfers, thus it causes us who have been out to go home two weeks early. That was a huge shock to all of us. That means I'm now over nine and a half months. I feel so old now:)

Now my new companion is Elder Holman from Panguitch, Utah. I didn't meet him until I made the two hour drive too our area called Witbank. Witbank is a coal city with many power plants and mines. If I had too liken it too anything it would be to district 11 in the hunger games. The air is so bad that it's said too be like smoking seven cigarettes a day, with the water having a nasty gritty taste. It's a town area meaning more white people and a lot of tracting. We also ride bikes everywhere and if your not going down hill in Witbank your going up. This gives us a hard time when many of our members live far away too us and myself not being in the best shape too bike. The heat doesn't help too being around 100 degrees with humidity:)

As for missionary work, Elder Holman, has been working very hard, but we have no investigators at all. The branch is falling apart and can be on the verge off combining with the other ward in the near by township. When I heard all of this and saw the state of this place it causes my heart to hurt. My companion is very weary from so much work with no success, being here 6 months with one child baptism. It's taken a lot out of him.

Many people may see this as a hopeless case and a time to relax off missionary work. It's very easy too become overwhelmed and taken back in this area with it's state. Still I look at it with a great amount of hope and with faith to change this area the best I can. It's similar too the state of Katlehong, but in the end that area came back alive. It was said too me by Elder Holman that there are three types of missionaries when it comes to treating an area: the one that destroys, the one that maintains, and the one that brings back. He says president sends the ones that have brought back dying areas too Witbank in hopes to do the same. I'm excited for this new great adventure.

On the flip side, our district is really awesome and very young only 2 out of our six are over a year. My companion is the oldest out at 17 months and district leader. I get along with the two missionaries that are 6 months and 3 months so much that I've been called too primary teacher in my district. Elder Fagg is even my Zone leader and has been around me this weekend which has been a blast too see him and talk about old times. HE's getting excited only having 9 weeks till he goes home. He told me that he nearly flipped when he heard I was coming to his zone. That was a tender mercy for sure.

Please have as much fun as you can for me and tell me all about it. Keep me in your prayers. I even think I will be able too Skype at a email shop I'm at so there is a chance.

All my love!

Your son and Brother,

Elder Jack F Dalton


Pics of a Package and a Crazy Boy


Spit Fire Balls from an Apostle–October 29, 2012


Dear Family,

Well this week has been pretty cool and was much like any other week. The only exception was I was able to meet and shake hands with Elder Jeffery R. Holland! I was pretty excited for this and to hear what he had to tell us. Later on Friday I also got my Birthday PACKAGE!!!! It was a week of awesomeness:) Truly a week that I will not forget. Elder Palmer and I have been moving forward and been trying to encourage our investigators to come to church. Sometimes I can see why agency has a negative side too it. Still we keep finding and teaching. It's funny to think two weeks from now I might be leaving for my third area where I will hit my year! It's funny cause, I feel like I just got here.

So this Thursday we went to Sandton for our special zone conference with Elder Holland. there must have been 200 missionaries there. When we arrived everyone was hugging and greeting each other. I saw many people from my MTC group that I hadn't seen in months, we all laughed and soon started to recap the last few months of where we had been. I also saw my very funny father, Elder Fagg. He was so funny to see and to talk with. It was much like a proud father talking with adoring son, kind of cheesy. Still I loved seeing that English guy and he told me how happy he was to see me repairing his old area.

We all then entered the building and waited for it to start. I was sitting up front with Elder Palmer, he was conducting the music, when they told us Elder Holland wanted to shake all of our hands. That was cool until I noticed I was to be the first to shake his hand. I was so nervous and thought I might just burst into smoke as I touched his hand. He was a very nice guy and asked where I was from, he then asked " You okay Elder Dalton", in my mind I said "Oh no he's found something, I'm doomed". I just smiled and shook my head yes. His talk was full of gratitude for our sharpness and obedience, still it didn't stop him from shooting at us to be who we needed too. He also said that our mission should be the best time of our lifes and that when we return home we should be changed forever. The spirit was at the same intensity of the temple, with every shout he gave with passion was a spiritual fire ball of doom that burnt some weaknesses out of our character. It was awesome!

Friday was awesome as well. I got my package and I love it!!! Whoever's idea it was to send Zebra cakes I will fall down at their feet and thank them. I love all the crafts as well, I'll probably pass them all out this week to kids in my branch. I want to know who picked the shirt and pants. . . they are sweet! Elder Palmer and I laughed at them. Today I'm going to wear the shirt and laugh because the Africans freak out at the sight of the grim reaper, they are heavy into believing in Satanism. It's funny. I even made cupcakes last night for P day eve, but most of the frosting never made it to the cupcakes:) Thank you for the package and I will send some pictures of it home.

I'm doing well down here in South Africa. I feel very much a part of it and the people here. I have thoughts about how weird it will be to come home and readjust. I can say now that people here see me more as black than white, even saying when I talk it sounds like their talking to another black dude it's pretty sweet:) I'm jealous of the Disney trip, but I know it will be a blast! The blankets look freakin sweet and the Dog house looks simply brilliant! I'm a bit jealous also of Jacob and Jill getting one on one time:) LOL Still I love all of you and wish you the best, keep being happy:)

Love your son and brother,

Elder Jack Forrest Dalton


Monday, October 22, 2012

Endure and Sacrifice–October 22, 2012

This week has been really long and just kind of boring. I feel like there hasn't really been anything to write about except: birthday Monday, lessons on Sacrifice, and answering questions on how I'm doing. I know that not every week can be full of amazingness. Still the work moves forward, and so do I.

After we had emailed this last Monday, we went out for our Birthday lunch. We went to a steak house at a large mall called Eastgate. We bought the buffet and ate to our hearts delight; it made sport hard to play later. It was nice to enjoy a good meal with Elder Palmer and a few other missionaries. We talked about our missions so far, home, and our futures. It was like the Sons of Mosiah might have talked around a good meal. It was worth it all. The rest of the day we played sport and hung out. It was a relaxed day with good friends.

Later that week on Friday, we were preparing for our district meeting when we got a call. Our district leader had forgotten to tell us about a zone meeting that day and told us we were now 20 min late. It was not a total loss for us, we made it half way through the meeting, and I learned a simple but powerful lesson: Our leaders talked about Sacrifice and how the law of sacrifice applies to us and our investigators. I was shocked to hear that this has been a theme through your lives as well. It inspired me to teach our investigators to sacrifice for God and show him the evidence of our faith. We taught that sacrifice is giving up something that is of great worth for something greater, and that we shouldn't expect a reward for it. Luckily for us, we know our sacrifices for the Lord never go without a reward, but are made up in the blessings from heaven. The question we left for them to ponder is, “If God gave up his son as a sacrifice, Jesus Christ gave his life as a sacrifice, what are you willing to sacrifice?"

So many of you have asked me questions on how I'm doing and what thoughts are going through my mind. I can say that I still love the mission; maybe even more than at first. Emotionally, serving a mission tries me and I have my downs. But working through the feelings of home sickness and serving others erase them quickly. When I find myself down, I try to serve my companion and in turn it makes us both happier. I've learned that a mission was never meant to be easy, and that a mission can turn us into great men, if we let it. Being on a mission it like throwing raw ore into a furnace, it burns out all the impurities so that the purest material is left. My greatest advice for anyone doing something hard is to just keep going. Our Heavenly Father knows how much struggle we can handle, and we must hope and have faith in brighter skies. In the meantime, look towards the blessings you already have and stop focusing on the ones you don’t.

I'm sorry to say there was no package this week, but that ups my chances for this week. I hope that you all are doing well and are getting excited for Halloween! Work on doing everything Heavenly Father asks of you, and then things will work out. Remember he has to keep his promises :)

I love you all very much and know I'm the same crazy guy you love. I'm handling things; it's what Dalton's do, right?!

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pictures of an African Missionary

These are pics of me eating out on my birthday. (Sorry about the dates, camera issues.) Also, it has pictures of things in the package and of Pokémon cards missionaries play with, me included. LOL

Having a Birthday in the Service of the Lord–October 15, 2012

I laughed and smiled so hard, there was some rubbing the eyes and clapping hands, at seeing the many pictures of you. I loved that you ran in my honor, thank you. It was good to see that you are all doing so well! It makes me strive to be the best I can be to honor you all. Crazy to see how everyone is growing up and how mom is starting to disappear! I'm starting to get afraid that there will be no more mom when I get back! or that I might break her as I hug her. Still good job to the whole family becoming physically active! Working out is just like the gospel and faith, you receive no witness until after the trail of your faith!

This week has been a great one. We taught a good amount and progressed the work with inspiring people about the truth. My favorite line was from an investigator we met at another lesson. We taught the Restoration of the gospel and afterward his face was filled with astonishment, then taking a moment said with amazement "The true church of God has been restored". We both smiled and said at the same time, "Yes it is!" A good week in the work:)

I had a very good birthday. It was filled with Conference, members singing to me, and Chinese food. It was a bit weird having a birthday away from family, but brought many memories of home back. I also got a little closer to home from the biggest package I've ever seen from Aunt Jessie. It was filled with all the New Mexican essentials: Salsa, corn chips, green chilies, macaroni and cheese, gum, and even (get ready for this) Sopapillas! THANK YOU JESSIE! it came at the right time and was a perfect blessing. Tell your husband hello as well and thank you. I know that you (my family) wanted to have your package reach me in time, but it hasn't yet. Don't worry though, I still feel the love you have for me and have great joy in what I have already been blessed with.

Conference really inspired me to be the best I can. It taught me to never give in to the world and be strong. I really feel blessed to have a modern day prophet and apostles to lead and guide in this crazy world. I especially loved Elder Neilson's Talk about if you have a problem or question, " Ask the Missionaries"! Needless to say it was a fun and nice stroke to our egos. It also placed a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. My next favorite was the talk Elder Uchtdorf gave in priesthood session about the two different planes and remembering to enjoy the ride. Also the fact to be happier and letting ourselves to be happier! The church is true and I know it!

Finally my last celebration will be a nice lunch today during P day! I'll send pics for sure.Crazy to now think I'm 20 years old! What an adventure! I'm sorry to be so short today and apologize to those I would normally write a separate letter, but my time today is limited. I'll spend more time next week and tell you about our party'n today. Lots of love to you all. Stay strong and endure with faith and not fear!

Love your Brother and Son,
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton

Strikes, Temple, and Cancellations–October 8, 2012

I love to see that you went out booing recently:) That brings me a lot of fun memories of Jacob and I running like crazy:) Man, I miss that:) Sad to say they don't celebrate Halloween here in Africa. That's not going to stop me, I can't wait to boo some missionaries down here especially after a week like this. It's been full of strikes and with people canceling all of our appointments. If you've ever tried to catch water with your hands, it was like us trying to hold appointments, nearly impossible. It's a been a very crazy week for us and the entire Zone.

Well, I want to start off with the best part of my week:) The Johannesburg Temple. Our zone was the first to get the blessings of returning to the temple since it was closed for 2 months for repairs. I have a great testimony of temples and the work that is performed in them. There is no better place were you get so close to feeling like you are in Heavenly Father's presence. It's a place were my whole soul felt the peace and repairing that mission trails cause. It was so beautiful to sit, ponder, and pray over my life. For a moment as I was thinking of home, I thought I felt Mom and Dad hugging me in the middle. Dad making the little jokes he makes and mom comforting like a mother does. Needless to say the temple brings me close to my family and secures me the hope that I will be with them for all eternity. Temples are the one of the best restored truths that have come threw the prophet Joseph Smith.

The rest of the week was just weird and out of control. We got word that the postal service is now again on strike and will make all of our post be coming late or might be lost. That made me very angry, because of my birthday package, we can hope. Then we got word that the gasoline truck drivers have gone on strike, this means a petrol strike. We now have t make sure our tank always has enough to make it back to the office and be careful never to run out. If both of these strikes keep up for a long time, it will cause major problems. Then we had appointments cancel in a way I have never seen. We had two days were all six appointments called in a row to cancel. When missionaries don't have people to teach, it's a messy scene. On Saturday I was freaking out, because all our appointments canceled, that never happens on a Saturday. My Ward missionary was worried by my reactions, but Elder Palmer just told him I was going through a Mid-Mission Crisis. I'm very blessed to have Elder Palmer, he understands me very well. He also makes us laugh in the hard times. Later we would remember that this week was a school Holiday and gave us many reasons why they canceled.

Anyway what I've learned about trails on mission and dry spots is keep going. I love when Dory from "Finding Nemo" sings Just Keep Swimming cause it's so true. I know that Life was never meant to be easy. We knew this before we came down here and we knew that it would be hard. The hard times are a perfecting time and ones that humble us for the better ones. It's the hardest advice to get when your struggling, but the best to move you. If your going through a difficult time and you feel like God has left you alone in a free fall, it's not true. It's actually the time he is the closest watching how you will react to the hardships. The only one that wants us to feel in a free fall is Satan, because he is in one himself. Never give up, know the hard times move on, and we are left with the strength because of it.

I love you all very much! Good Luck mom on my Birthday with running, I'm so proud of you:) Jill You serve like a pro! Your awesome. Jacob you look like a stud, keep representing. Dad I love you and don't worry too much, you taught me well:)

Love always your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton

Monday, October 1, 2012

Elder Palmer and I At Braai


A Week of Sickness and News–October 1, 2012

Crazy to hear that Jacob is growing into the awesome man he is. Sounds like your all getting excited as well for General Conference, I get to watch it on my birthday weekend! That always makes me very trunky for home. This week has had my thoughts towards home a lot. I've been really sick for most of it and have struggled with motivation to push through it for the work. My theme of this week has been one I used when I was training for mission, "The weakness is in the flesh!" It's been like that all week, finding out that it's also happened to many of our branch. It's just been a low week in Africa.

Don't be too worried or sad, we still worked miracles and had many adventures. This week we got 8 new solid investigators, all are really progressing forward. Each have problems or small testimonies about this gospel and church. Many have already been placed on date for baptism and keep every commitment we leave. It makes me very excited for the work here and even more grateful to be staying. That's right, I'll be here in Katlehong with Elder Palmer at least another six weeks having me possibly leaving in November! When we found out we would stay together to celebrate our birthdays, it was like watching two little school girls jumping around in circles screaming their heads off. It's a blessing to us.
The major thing that happened this week was the attempted hijacking of the Vosloorus missionaries car on Saturday night. We got a call close to the end of the night telling us we had an emergency. They had been driving when a taxi cut them off and another two did the same from behind with men getting out throwing beer bottles at the windshield, they were able to drive away 3 times before getting stuck at a dead end. They then locked their doors, took the keys, and jumped a wall to hide in a man's house. Later our zone leaders, President Omer, and us went and got the boys from a police station. The car was found beaten and was able to get back to us by the end of the night. It was a crazy night for all of us and one that we'll remember.

I love you all very much and I'm excited to hear of a birthday package:) Thank you so much for it. I'm sorry there isn't anymore I have to write I was too sick all week, which means a lot of time at our flat with me passed out. Hope this next week goes well:)

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack F Dalton
(Hope you love the pictures:)

Monday, September 24, 2012

I Had a Dream, Elder . . . September 24, 2012

So this week has been another full of work and dedication to keep moving forward. We've been doing a lot of work with our less actives and our recent converts. Always trying to re-motivate them to come back and get back on the horse. Many of them have fallen into sin and gotten lost onto forbidden paths that make them end up in hard times. My heart bleeds every time I see a member suffering and going through a life in the dark or being consumed with a soul crushing addiction. If only they would wake up and remember how good the gospel is and how easy life can be when Heavenly Father is first in their hearts. I guess that is our agency and our weakness as humans. Still, there have been many times that I've wanted to pick them up and shake them awake.

For the most part of our week we got around, teaching 31 lessons ( more than our neighbors Vosloorus 1 and 2 combined! Haha little bit of pride!), and really did our best to invite and inspire. Our miracle of the week happened as we went to visit our Indian Family in Palm Ridge this Saturday night. We showed up just at the right time to help push their car that ran out of gas again. My ability to push cars great distances has come into play a lot. When we got the car to the house and took them to get gas, we found the whole family a wreck. The Father and son in law had been driving in the truck all over South Africa delivering things with out sleep and got injured when they moved heavy supplies, the kids had been writing exams, and the mom was really sick with the flu. Elder Palmer and I had our hearts broken as they still tried to entertain us. As we talked with them, they laughed and got serious at how we always showed up at the right time. They also said that ever since we came to this house there has been a new feeling in the home. We were amazed at how they told us what they noticed, the spirit became very strong. Then a miracle happened I will never forget my entire life. The Mom got very silent, then asked us a question. She told us she had it the night before and talked to her daughter about it. She said that in the dream she saw us talking to her, we told her to put oil on her head and she would feel better and be alright. I was shocked and nearly fell off my seat. We had never taught about blessings for the sick or even the priesthood. It was a shock for them when Elder Palmer pulled out his oil. That night we gave the mother a blessing, the father, and Trisha. We then knelt as a family in prayer to thank god for our experience. They told us they new we were true messengers and want to know more. It forever built my testimony to the truthfulness of this gospel. I cried that night from the spirit I felt.

I'm doing well and feel like I'm now apart of South Africa. I know all the slang and the stuff. I even feel natural at driving on the other side now. It's almost like life back how is a really good dream we talk about. I'm happy to hear mom didn't die while being crazy and Jacob loved his party. Tell him to take good care of Dexter my car! Jill I love you and keep being awesome. Dad stay strong at school and play some xbox to remember me. Mom I love you:)

Love your son and brother,
Elder Jack F Dalton

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Gospel Blesses Families–September 17, 2012

Dear Family,

Nice to hear that there is a bit of being normal in your last week. As for myself it has been up and down, I feel like someone threw me into a washer and hit the extra spin cycle for fun. Still I'm alive and doing okay:) Glad to hear that people are getting my mail to them, shows that the post offices are working. This week has taught me a lot, but my favorite has been on families. There has been two major families here that have touched my heart in a new way I have never felt before. Elder Palmer and I have really been working this area and have been blessed enormously. Let me tell you of the two major ways this week.
I told you that we were teaching an Indian family last week. Their surname is Jacobs from Palm Ridge. There are five in the original family, with their daughter Trisha married with her husband in the same house. When we first got into that home it was on the brink of falling apart. The mother had tried to commit suicide twice, her marriage was down the toilet, finances were shot, and you could feel a home on the verge of collapsing. Then the two large boys from Utah showed up to the scene. They told us everything, my heart sorrowed for such a wonderful family, but we made them promises that only elders could. It was a testimony to me that the Lord has perfect timing, and we are just here for the ride. As we've began to teach them blessings have began to flow out to them. In a short week: the Mom and Dad are closer in love, peace is in their home, the father got a 20% increase in pay, and things are just working out. Even better is that they are the ones noticing the blessings and putting them to us ever since we have began to visit them.

On top of it all was on Thursday this last week we didn't have an appointment with them, but I told Elder Palmer we needed to go visit them. Needless to say we showed up at the perfect time. Their car was not starting and needed a jump for the next day. They were amazed to see us show up right in time. Brother Peter (the father) said to us, " As we looked at the car and thought what are we going to do I saw that blue car of yours. I just said Elder Dalton and Palmer are here!" We later just talked and they fed us curry. That's right, curry from real Indians! It was powerful. Later the next day we taught a powerful lesson on the Book of Mormon to them, they felt the spirit, it was thick. I might even say it was the most I've taught by the power of the spirit than any other time in my mission.
If you think that was cool, I haven't gotten to the next major experience in my week. Again it deals with another family named the Dlamini family. We've been teaching the Mother and Father of this family ever since I got to Katlehong. They're later in age, in their 50's, and have a good sized family. Missionaries first came to meet them back in 1998, but brother Elton (father) didn't want anything to do with them. His kids how ever listened and eventually all joined, their eldest son serving a full time mission. Finally they were ready to be taught and Elder Palmer, Bangerter, and myself got the chance to teach. This past Sunday the entire family was united in faith, they were baptized. 14 years of resisting, but accepting it with powerful testimonies of Joseph Smith, the priesthood, and Temples. They now told us that their goal is the Temple sealing one year from now. I was greatly blessed to be apart of it all:) There was a lot of tears that day with a family finally being united.

For me this week went by fast and was weird. The rains have come back to Africa and keep us pretty cool in the 70's. Personally I have been struggling with motivation and not becoming tired, hopefully this P day will refresh me and help me gain my strength. Elder Palmer and I have been praised for all our hard work by our leaders and even has reached word to our president. The zone leaders even had a meeting with him and suggested we stay together for another transfer, President said " Sounds like a good idea!" So Elder Palmer and I might be together another 6 weeks after this transfer, meaning we will celebrate both of our birthdays and our 8 month mark! Kinda crazy huh?!

I love you all so much and I know this is our Savior's true church on the earth. Families are meant to be together forever and are made to support each other. Before you know it I'll be home sitting with my family once again. Keep it all up:)

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack Dalton

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Growth Was Never Meant to Be Easy.–September 3, 2012

My Dear Family,

Sounds like you all had quite the week of doom! I'm very touched to hear you’re all okay and were able to stand together in hard times. We've been teaching a lot about families and how they are the major part to Heavenly father's plan, and that our family is the best source of love and support to overcome this world. I use you all in many lessons.

This week has made me reflect on family a lot, and has helped me to move forward in the work we are in. You could say Family is really what I've seen this week. This week has been full of finding and strengthening our branch. Along with it, Elder Palmer and I volunteered every day to dish for orphans in our community. It helps the community know that we are really here for them and at the same time humbles us missionaries to see the state of poor children. It was actually a blessing that we found this small foundation.

Tuesday we went and had all our appointments cancel, our finding efforts were a disaster, and I was telling Elder Palmer how discourage I was because of it. That's when a lady called us over and asked why I was so distressed. We talked and told her who we were. She then told us how she feeds orphans lunch; we then quickly asked to help. The rest of the week, we were there dishing to kids with a smile. They all love seeing two huge white guys serving them and often laugh as we tell jokes. It really helps me to be humble and courage to keep up in this great work. Blessings soon came from this increase of service and in our own efforts to be more obedient. An example is how we were walking from appointment to appointment when a man named Praise God stopped us. He told us how he had a friend tell him about our church and he had been looking for it for a long time. He then said he needed the Book of Mormon and was willing to buy one from us. When we gave it to him for free he was incredibly happy, telling us he knows it's true and he wants to be baptized. Needless to say Elder Palmer and I left with jaws open. That doesn't just happen. What a testimony builder to us in the Lord's promise that he prepares people. Not to mention that it then would happen again, but with a new father with a large family who said “I NEED to hear what you have."

Patience is key to the work as well. The Lord has taught me to trust him and know that the work will go at his pace, not mine. I say that, because our teaching pool is very low and we have a small number of investigators, but we are seeing the Lord prepare us for a much larger plan. All we must do is wait and keep enduring the challenges set before us. We know that we can't fail if we are in the Lord's hands, no matter how long it takes. Growth was never meant to be easy; it often requires a little discomfort and pain.

I got my package on Thursday and nearly busted into tears at it. I loved everything in it so much. The candy was well loved by all missionaries and the heating pad with lush will be loved in times of hard work. The vest is another constant companion and all the other missionaries are jealous, I tell them my mommy and I made it. Of course you can now see me walking the streets playing my air guitar with the sweet pic of doom! That was so awesome to get, it helps on the long walks. I loved Anika's tape and the Tie Amanda got for me. Both help me feel more at home. Packages are a missionary's love.

I'm doing well and I'm very happy. I see my efforts are never wasted. Never worry too much about me, I feel like I'm now a part of South Africa. This place is awesome and stands in need of the Gospel. A young man that I took out on splits yesterday asked me what I loved most on mission, I told him “It’s watching and being a part of the gospel changing to improve people's lives."

I love you all. We will be together again. Together we are strong.

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton:)
AKA Elder Bumba


The Blazing African Sun is Starting to Heat Us Up!–August 27, 2012

My Dearest Family,

This week has been one for the record books on work and heat. Elder Palmer and l are doing well. We worked incredibly hard this week, and now we are going to party hard this Pday! We had three major goals this week: keep our kilometer limit under 500, teach as many lessons as possible, and find a ton of new fathers in the process. We have seen miracles happen right before our eyes.

Our Zone Leaders told us last week that we needed to stay under our k limit. We promised to, even though our area is huge! We then started to work by park and walk days. That's where we do exactly what it sounds like, park and walk forever! At the same time we are starting to get to summer really fast. It’s around the 80's, but with the humidity it feels like the 90's in church clothes. Luckily, we are now getting a sweet tan of doom!

While we walked to and from appointments, we did a lot of street contacting. I found that I have a very good talent of pulling people over and getting to talk with them about the gospel. It's my favorite thing to get to know these people and their lives in South Africa. Many are amazed when they see two white boys in the township, then get shocked when we start talking to them. It's sad to say, even though apartheid is over in the law it's still stuck in their hearts.

The fruit of us walking around all week quickly came out. We talked and have set up times for more than 13 or so families, and have started to gain the trust of the people. Not to mention we were flagged down by a well off father in a huge SUV who had once met missionaries a long time ago and has been in search of us ever since. That was our major miracle of the week. We meet him and his family this Tuesday. (Rubbing eyes!)

The totals for our week were awesome. We taught 30 lessons to many different people, gained 7 new investigators, and have a bright outlook for our future. We are moving the Lord's work forward:) I found that if you really plan and have a goal, then pray to Heavenly Father to consecrate your performance, the blessings keep flowing like crazy. There were too many times where after we met a new family or had an amazing moment I would just look at Elder Palmer with the look of " Did that just happen?!", then he would return the look of " I know" ending with a double tap fist bump.

I can hardly wait for my package to come and feel all that closer to home. I'm also in shock at how quickly Jacob and Jill are growing! Jacob is going to knock them dead with those Dalton looks, and we will have to hide Jill in a closet until I get home to watch out for her! Sounds like you’re all going to have a fun fall and party it up in school. I love you all so much, and miss you like crazy. Keep it up and write often.

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack F. Dalton

Monday, August 20, 2012

Living and Learning Mosiah 7:33 the entire week!–August 20, 2012

I really don't know how to start off this letter and have it really become exciting. That's one of the hardest things to do every Monday. I can say that letters are very fun to do when you have thought of what to really fill it with and how to lay it out. My mind always goes into my "English essay writing mode” when I want to write, it's crazy. This week has been full of a lot of learning, understanding, and praying. Elder Palmer and I really have been working hard every day and passing out by the time we make to our house. Last night we got in trouble for getting home and passing out on our beds not staying up for call ins from our Zone leaders. I'll just say the talk this morning was a lot of awesome :) Still, life is being good to me and I have started to develop a new attitude in myself.

I want to start by talking about my title of this letter, Living and Learning Mosiah 7:33 the entire week! I had started a fast last Monday after my lunch (inspired by mom), the next day we had an exchange with our ZLs. (Please note that Tuesday was mine and Elder Palmer’s official bump day! 6 months) Well, as my zone leader was with me, our first appointment was with a less active named Nati, who swears I was black, but was just bleached out. We began to talk about his life and his inability to find work. That's when I was prompted to share a scripture, but I had no idea which one, so I did what I do best: I simply flipped open the Book of Mormon and found the first scripture, it was Mosiah 7:33. It's Ammon, my favorite dude of all time telling a people how to get out of bondage. Nati said that was the very scripture he needed to hear, the spirit was super strong, and not to mention that was the very scripture that I needed. It tells us to turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart and to trust in him. That if we do this, he will release us in his own time and pleasure. That whole day was blessing after blessing. We taught six lessons that day, making everyone's day as we went. My Zone leader was super impressed, but I told him it really wasn't me.

The rest of our week was pretty awesome and full of ups and downs. We had a lot of people cancel on us, like Saturday we had 6 in a row call us and cancel. Those days make you feel like a horrible person. Nevertheless, we taught a total of 24 lessons with two days not being able to get out in our area. We found a way close cool place where we can chase zebra's, ostriches, springbok (gazelles), and geese for free! It was fun to find that place and run around like a little kid after cool animals, but when I say chase it's more like them walking as I try to catch up at a full sprint. Kind of sad! On top of it all I'm glad that Elder palmer is with me to make me laugh like crazy at all the stupid things that happen to us.
To answer some questions, it's starting to heat up down here reaching the mid 70's. It really dry and extremely windy like a New Mexico's spring. As for investigators, we are working with a group of teenagers right now that keep inviting there friends to our lessons. One of their friends has his own church at the age of 17 with like 28 members! On top of it all he loves what we teach and has prayed over the Book of Mormon, and knows it's true. So you might hear how we convert a whole church soon. A struggle that we have been going through is to teach how one of the African traditions is wrong and against the Gospel. They have local witch doctors named, sangomas (Sand- go- mass), they believe they have magic powers and give out powerful potions named muti (moo-tee). It wasn't until last night that that we found our answer to their issue. We found it from our less active elder's quorum president that we have been visiting to get him back to church with his family. It’s found in the bible in Deuteronomy 18:9-12. It was so cool!

I talked about a new attitude that has started to grow. I'm now the senior companion of the area and it comes with a new stance. I've chosen to take my life and emotions by the horns and make my life work for me. I've been noticing how just falling into deep depressions, rolling over, and just being sad is extremely cowardly. It takes courage and power to stand and make things happen, too stand in charge. I'm starting to find that I have to be me and not get down over every little thing that stubs my toe. I also have a firm testimony of fasting for the things you need, it adds the needed firepower to your prayers which open the arsenal of heaven to your aide.

I loved the "wasp" anniversary story! I nearly died laughing at it! I can see everything that happened and dad's face at being outdoors half naked! LOL! I'm glad to hear you make memories and are very much in love :) Happy Anniversary!

I miss you all and love you all so much:)
Good luck at school and have fun:)

Love your Brother and Son,
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton

P.S.- " You can choose to be happy or you can choose to be sad, it's your choice."- quoted by Mom


So there are pics of me at the game refuge. Pics of Palmer and I in Africa mode. Then a group photo at the Katlehong sign!

The Week of all Weeks!–August 13, 2012

Ever had that feeling that you've been through almost everything life can throw at you, then out of the blue life keeps coming at you? That is basically the week I've had. Things like: using the worst toilet in Africa, having it snow on me, getting a speeding ticket, and having Elder Bangerter leave! It's always an adventure in my life. I guess it's a good thing that stuff happens, because if it didn't, life would be extremely boring. I've taken Dad's motto of “Just grin and bear it" to heart.

I should start from the beginning of my week of wild. We went out to a township that is called Tesitsi (tee yet see). It's no more than a metal shack town with no power or running water. We were teaching a wonderful father about the gospel of Jesus Christ, when deep within me my body yelled BATHROOM NOW! This was a hard thing, because the toilet out here is an outhouse which is , we can say, a bit below a five star restroom. It didn't matter though; I needed to go so bad. So I braved it, and now I can say I'm a veteran :) Not to mention a chicken trying to come in and join me was kind of funny. I was smart though, I placed toilet paper in our trunk for just an emergency. Needless to say the whole community and my companions laughed to see a white guy run to an outhouse.

The next thing happened at our Zone Conference. We were just released for lunch when we noticed the it was a blizzard outside! You heard me right, a blizzard! There was snow in Africa! I even had a snowball fight with Elder Fagg, who nailed me right in the face! It was so unbelievable! It hasn't snowed here since 1981! How lucky am I? I'll send pictures to prove it all! It made me feel as if I was home, even though I heard it was like 100 plus back that side!

Then the downfall of my week was being asked to drive back to our area after district meeting. We were all in our car filled to the brim going down a large hill. I was asked a question about home and my mind left thought of our speed. Low and behold there was a speed trap at the bottom of the hill of doom. I was caught! I was charged with a 600R ticket, which is like 75$. For going 16Ks over, this is like 9 miles over. This has really worried me and destroyed my joy for the last three days. I've tried to live in my means, but now that is blown out of the water! It really sucks when life throws you a curve ball when you don't expect it. Luckily, the officer said that if I go to the police station, they most likely will reduce the fine or get rid of it because I'm a missionary from the states. So pray for me.

Finally, FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST! My dear companion, Elder Bangater, left yesterday with his parents to go tour SA. It was weird, because I was more excited for his parents to come than he was. Is that a bad thing?! Plus it freaked me out when we first met up with them. When we got out of the car there was no rush to each other, no tears, really no hugs, emotionless. I was thinking in my head “now I see where it all comes from." I was also thinking, if this was my family, I would never let them go and it would be a huge thing to be together not what I saw yesterday’s event. So for the rest of the day after church we visited a lot of people, Elder Palmer and I felt like bodyguards the whole time. It was a moloungue (white person) parade! Then after a few pictures he was gone. Needless to say there was a lot of partying between me and Palmer!

I'm sad to hear about ash. She was a wonderful cat and was a part of our family. I have no doubt we'll see her again soon :) I'm glad to hear that Jacob and Jill are rocking it down in Arizona :) I'm sure it's a mad house that side :) Mom and Dad, congrats on your anniversary of 21 years :) I can say that those years have been amazing and full of love:) Then again I don't know about that first year, but since I came out of it I’m guessing it was full of love as well :) LOL!

I'm doing really well, besides my financial problems. The work is still moving and I see miracles everyday around me. As a missionary you are truly in the service of God, but you also become more of a man than anything I could do now at this time in my life:) I love you all soooooo much:) Stay happy and good luck with school starting soon:) Stay tight and happy!

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton


So the little boy is named Sibosiso (see bow see so), then me in the snow with palmer and elder jenkins my old companion:)


Shacks, Splits, and Fasting–August 6, 2012

This week has really been another adventure and a great learning experience. I've spent most of my time with Elder Palmer going on a lot of splits, to cover or huge area. I find myself also becoming very well known in this township and getting to know a lot about it. My week can be melted down to three major things: Splits with Elder Palmer, trying to think about how I can describe a shack, and our wonderful fasting experience we had yesterday. It's been another week of service and the Lord never disappoints in adventures.

So, we've been in a threesome as missionaries for the past few weeks and this week we put it to use. Our area is roughly the size of Utah County, maybe a bit smaller, but nearly the same. It holds not only Katlehong (a township), but four other townships. We pick up a ward missionary to divide and conquer. This has been a huge blessing to me, because lately I can't really stand Elder Bangerter. Thus by going on splits we all keep our heads and don't kill each other. It's wonderful to go along with Elder Palmer who is almost exactly like dad. We laugh all the time and pull jokes like no one’s business. Our investigators also feel our brotherhood, and constantly want us over to laugh and teach them. I found out this week that you need to relax enough to be yourself, but still watch the rules so you don't fall on your face! Balance is a funny thing to work out. :)

I've been thinking a lot this week on how I can describe life here in the township. During apartheid, the blacks were made to live in these townships to be divided from the whites. It's a very poor area with a lot of loose dogs, pigs, cows, goats, a million chickens, and a billion rats the size of cats. All these animals dig through garbage that is all over the place. There are so many diseases, Yikes! In the more developed areas, there are cinder block houses that we call RDP homes. They are built by the government for free. They have an outhouse with running water and power What these people do is give space at the back of a home which may contain 2-4 sheet metal shacks. They charge rent to the people that stay there and use that as a source of income. The shacks however are no bigger than our kitchen or Jillian’s old room! They are very small to a big boy like me. They fill it with everything a regular home has, but it's extremely low living. A squatter camp is just a place that is very dirty, covered in shacks, and basically has no power and one water pump for a huge section.

A lot of these people's situations could be a lot better if they had a decent education. Education here is very low and many drop out. The Afrikaners really screwed themselves when they withheld education from these people. Many turn to worldly lusts to live their lives: drinking a lot, smoking, drugs, and a lot of moral sins. It's a very sad place when you look at it and your heart wants to give these people the knowledge of how they can make it all better. The problem is many love where they are. Satan is very strong on their hearts here, but you can find those families and people from all the smog: the diamonds in the rough.

That is what happened yesterday as we fasted. :) Our fast this Sunday was for a brother of ours to quit smoking and for Elder Palmer and I to be helped in our diet. What we didn't know was how Heavenly Father wanted us to have a lot more because of our fasting state. We had another full house at church (which is in a school) with a ton of investigators who bore amazing testimonies that really pull your heart. These people suffer through so much here and have it really hard, but they pull through because of the gospel. The whole Sunday was full of us visiting many investigators, giving many blessings to the sick, and once again going on splits. Our last appointment however made my weak. I was with Elder Palmer and we were on our way to visit a sister who is 20 named Tumi (Too-me). She wanted her family and grandparents to know what she does, and has been working on them for a long time. We thought we were going into another RDP house, but in turned out it was the most beautiful house I've seen since the start of mission. Plus to our surprise there was a huge family gathered around. About five were there plus two more that would join us next week. They are all an older family: The grandparents, then the kids in their mid or later twenties. They were so ready for our message and polite to us. It was a testimony that there are people that are made ready by angels!

It sounds like summer is coming to an end on that side. Kind of crazy to think how the true African heat is just around the corner for me.

I love you all so much and loved hearing about girl’s camp! I'm sure that was a blast!

Be happy and pray often :)

Love your Son and Brother :)
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton

The three missionaries . . . more like The Three Stooges – July 30, 2012

This week has been up and down, side to side, and in every direction that you can imagine. Ever since Elder Palmer has joined our crazy set up it's been a week of laughs and craziness. It's been really fun this week to go out with him and to have him notice how funny our area's situation is. We tease Elder Bangater all the time, and both laugh at how by the book he can be. We've come to the conclusion that a dying missionary is either too tired to care or becomes so strict like a robot to feel like he finishes his mission with flying colors. The latter is what Elder Palmer and I are working with, and with two easy going guys that love to joke, it's gasoline to the fire!

We've started what we call the memory of the day. It's were we write on a sticky note our funniest memory and place it up on the wall. Needless to say, every one so far has come from me. I try to tell everyone that Heavenly Father puts me in the funniest places, and I have crazy things happen. It’s fun being the guy that everyone enjoys being around just to see what happens or what I'll do next.

We've been able to do a lot of splits with us being in a threesome. It usually means Elder Bangater goes off with a ward missionary and we go off to tackle more appointments. It helps to really move the work along and to helps me test my knowledge of the area. We've found a lot of blessings from that ability of our placement.

I still love teaching and found that I have a great ability to handle the tough conversations; the ones where no one knows what to ask or answer. Take the example that we had last night: We have a less active trying to come back to church named Musa. He's 37 and has formed a habit of smoking. We are trying to help him overcome it. Last night we took a member who has overcome the same issue. As we entered the home, I could tell that someone had been smoking. In my mind I just said "This is going to be crazy". At first, after the prayer, I thought Elder Bangater would take it and start off. I was wrong, he was too nervous and had no idea how to handle "pointing out the elephant in the room". So I just took it and started being straight. I thought, “If Jesus was straight forward, I guess I could be too”. I was blessed, because it worked, and the spirit was heavy there. We strengthened him as well as gave him a blessing. The member we took to help gave a lot of advice and you could see Musa's heart being pricked. I chalked up all of my abilities to handle and run a difficult conversation to the many many talks I had with mom and dad.

I know still that the Church is true. As you study the scriptures and see the miracles that happen right in front of your face you see that it all just makes sense. This religion is not something that is just magical or a fantasy, but truly works and is real. My testimony of this church and the Book of Mormon is undeniable now, I could never deny it from everything I've seen and been able to learn. It's true. If you really want to know it too, just start doing what it asks. Read, ponder, and pray. It's that easy.

A mission is a struggle. It's like life. If it wasn't hard, it would never be worth it in the first place. I know that tough times come, but I never joined up in the pre mortal life and for a mission with the thought that this would be some pleasure cruise. Luckily, we have help from Heavenly Father and prayer. Even more, he gave us families to help us constantly to up hold ourselves. I've been blessed so much from having you support me time and time again. I'm so grateful for all the letters, emails, pictures, and packages you give me to help me continue the work. It does more that I could even express in words. Until you witness mission life, you won't know how it feels to receive emails and letters from the ones you love so much! Thank you!

I love you all so much! Keep up all that you do!

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton



What a squatter camp looks like. this is one of the townships I work in called Tesitesi.


This is Zandie who I confirmed Sunday, she's the darker one. with her sister and her sister's little boy. We helped them pack and prepare to move to Durban. I'll miss them a lot! Of course, there is Elder Palmer!