Monday, June 11, 2012

Becoming the Missionary I Want to Be–June 11, 2012

Dear awesome Family,
This week has really been one full of work and crazy dealing. This week I've stepped up in ways that have shown me what I can do and it has also shown me where I need help. I've had many nights here where I often think about who I want to be. I also learn all the time how I am the master of my feelings and can make my future what I want it to be. It has made me think a lot about what mom taught me when I was a child, " Jack, you can choose to be happy or you can choose to be sad, it's your choice." Mission really shows you who you are and what you can do.

Monday was the coolest P day I've ever had! What we did was I wanted to have a Braai down here and play some sport. So I invited almost every missionary to go to the office for a braai and volleyball. I didn't know however that I needed to get permission from our zone leaders, but luckily the APs love me and okayed it. I've never had so much meat and played so much beach volleyball! The best part was how much we joked and laughed, my sides were sore the next day from laughing. It was that moment where I found a portion of my mission that I will always remember. I was also complimented on how well I could braai here, it was all thanks to dad's grill and lots of chicken breasts!

The rest of the week went really well. The Lord's work is really moving and we are harvesting like crazy! We found a huge part member family of 8 where only 1 goes to church. We love teaching them and uniting a family to move closer to the temple. Elder Jenkins is a very cool guy and is very in tune with the spirit. I really enjoy teaching with him, because he brings in a whole new way of teaching that makes us mighty servants. I joke that he comes in with the left hook and I come in with the right upper cut, spiritually of course :) Plus we joke so much here, I've never played so many pranks and fell for so many, it's hard to think of the hard times when we have so much fun down here. Dad you said that it was funny to think of two Utah boys walking the streets of Jozi, I think it's awesome. I love talking about this back at home and him knowing what I talk about. We really get along very well. I did have a dumb moment this week. We found a place were you could run on a wall and almost do back flips. It probably wasn't the best things to do in church shoes or period, but I tried to run on the wall. I fell strait on my butt and started laughing so hard. Everyone around came to see if they could help, but I was fine just embarrassed. Elder Jenkins laughed the rest of the night at that.
This week has also called for me to step up and reclaim the ward. I've been communicating with my bishop and ward mission leader to move our investigators in the right direction. They can be difficult, but it helps me to work out problems with hard people. The challenge isn't that they don't work, but it's that they are so cautious on letting people be baptized. It's good that they are, but it's hurting the work and shows that they don't trust our keys or caliber of people we are bringing them. Patience is the key, but there are times when I want to take a shambok to them.

I love hearing about school being out and it being so hot back home, mainly because it is freezing down here! I loved seeing pictures of everyone in their robes and tons of smiles, it made me really think about how much I miss everyone there:)

Mom and Dad I love you two so much! The more I stay out here I gain so much respect for you two. I realize how well you prepared me for the world and how I can fine strength when I'm down. I find myself in the middle of teaching a principal and just realize how you taught it to me. Mom, I pray for your surgery to go well and that you are surviving on a liquid diet, haha. Mom Stay happy and know your children love you soooooo much! Dad, I know the ward is tough to manage, but the Lord picked the best man to unite our ward. At least you have a percentage of home teaching and visiting teaching, it doesn't exist really in my ward here, LOL! Just kill them with love, if there is anyone that can do that it's you. This life was never meant to be easy, if it was there would be no point.

I still love mission and love the people I'm serving. They love so much and are so humble here, it's hard not to move the work forward. This Sunday as I sat in the back of our chapel, I watched my investigators come in, my ward take the sacrament, and little kids run around like back home. It was at that moment a wave a deep love hit me and brought me to the verge of tears. These people are my brothers and sisters I promised to come help and love. These people are my family. They are totally worth my sacrifice. Only if you could meet them, you too would see what I talk about.

I love you all and I love Africa!!!!!

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder (Bumba) Jack Dalton

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  1. Hey Jack....I am hoping you can see the comments on your blog! I gotta ask....making myself look really a Braai a BBQ? I assume so. Sounds like you did pretty will with it...whatever it is. It involves food and we do food right :)
    I knew the seasons were opposite but I am cold does it get there? Coat, hat and cloves cold? Or just chilly cold? I love hearing about your adventrues! We have written letters but haven't mailded dumb is that. I am MUCH better at email so we will try that route OK...Have a great day
    Hugs to you,
    Sister Diaz