Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Clothes Lined by a Clothes Line–June 25, 2012

Dear Family,
Sounds like everyone is good and having a lot of fun:) I was glad and
super excited to know that my package got to you:) I was thinking
about it all this week and was really hoping no one broke into it.
Jacob sounds like a crazy teenager right now and his life sounds like
a big adventure:) Mom I'm sorry that your not feeling too well, but it
will come together soon. Dad thanks for the email:) I'm doing really
well and yeah I have times that I'm down, but I don't stay down for
long. Life is too short to be sad all the time and when your a Dalton
life is too good to get you down. You can also tell sister Diaz that a
Braai is a BBQ:) All my grilling before mission really helped perfect
the art of cooking meat.

Anyways not too much has happened this week. We taught 21 lessons this
week and have 15 investigators that are working towards baptism. We
have been getting a ton of referrals and have a few new families to
meet this week. Elder Jenkins and I really tear it up together and
laugh all of the time. We've fixed a family's door that had no lock,
pulled a huge prank on other missionaries by pouring a huge bucket of
water on to the car they were in from the 6 floor ( they both screamed
so hard, We laughed till we hit the floor), and we cooked for Nat and
Odwa for a family home evening. I really love this companion of mine
and we have fun bringing the spirit into play.

The biggest or should I say most painful thing that happened was last
night. I went up to the roof of the Maseta's flat complex and got
flipped on my back from a clothes line. I caught it in my mouth and it
chipped my k9 with a huge cut on the inside my cheek. When everyone
came over to see if I was Ok, I was more embarrassed than hurt. It
must have looked so funny to watch a huge guy go down so fast in the
dark. My cheek is really sore today LOL:) Elder Jenkins said there is
no dull moment with Dalton. That's the truth.

Well, besides the chipped tooth and sore cheek, I'm doing very well
and very happy:) I love hearing about your adventures and that
everyone is happy. I can't wait for the package and letters:) Stay
safe and know that time will pass by fast and I'll be home before you
know it:)
Lots of love, send pictures of you and the stuff:) Have fun at Lagoon:)

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton
Always Forward South Africa!

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