Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25th,2012

Hello from the other side of the world!

I'm so happy to hear that all is well back in Utah. I feel the love from all the pictures and letters. Mom thank you for the blog it looks amazing and I know people will laugh at what I have to say.

This week has been amazing in the MTC. I have been to the Johannesburg temple, which is really small, taught my first two real Investigators, and have had my testimony assured time and time again that the church is true.

Dad like said THE GOSPEL IS AMAZING! My companion took out his endowments when we went to the temple which was a cool thing to see; he also got his patriarchal blessing that morning. I'm so blessed to have those so close to my house.

My companion and I have hit a few bumps on our road to unity. We have had a few fights and worked them out, we came to the conclusion that we are from two different cultures and we have many different ideas on how we should work. I pray for patience and charity everyday so I don't kill him :) Just kidding!

Every Friday the MTC holds a open house for investigators and we teach. My first one was a kid named Preston from the states go figure! The lesson went awesome and you could cut out the spirit with a knife it was so thick. I know know the joy there is in bringing souls unto the father, I rubbed my eyes a lot after:) We even got his number and gave him a book of Mormon that he was excited to read. My second went okay, but there needs to be opposition in all things, ha ha ha! I love my mission and all that I serve with.

Now, I only have five minutes. So I’ll answer some questions. My P day is Saturday, I've sent my first letter to you so it should be there soon; they say it takes ten days to get back home. I'm District leader over the Helaman District which is the only district that has sister missionaries. They love us so much, there making cookies for us now. I will give more detail in my letters. I need to use my card to get ran, sorry. Love you.

Always forward South Africa

Elder Jack Dalton

Jack with his first companion during flight Elder Palmer/ The missionary’s gathered in England airport.

ElderNyanidoro and Elder Dalton are District leaders of Helaman's District compiled of three male & three female companionship's in the Johannesburg MTC.

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