Sunday, February 19, 2012

Second letter between Mom and Jack

February 18th 2012 Day Five

I’m going to ask lots of questions so you can cut and pastes this email and write a quick response. Well Mom I love you very much and will try to answer the best I can.

  1. Did I pack to much? I feel like I have a lot, but it will help when I get out.
  2. Did you have to pay overage on any baggage? NO
  3. Is the city as large as salt lake or bigger? It's a lot bigger and is really green and hot. Also it's very humid. It's not very different, except every house is surrounded by a five foot wall and electric fence.
  4. What was the largest "wow"factor that made you realize you were in a different country? The way the people speak and act down here. They are very proper and for me as a cowboy it's different.
  5. Have you met you mission President? Yes, he is Pres. Reber.
  6. How Long has Elder Nyanidoro been a member? Since 2006.
  7. Can you tell me About him, family? His father was called to be a bishop the same time as dad was and we both have two siblings.
  8. Are you getting comfortable? Yes, my body felt really sick for a while and I was so nervous. The lord definitely humbles his servants. Pride is something I feel I need to break down. At least I didn't get food poisoning like Elder Parks from the plane food, just sick. Thanks for the Meds.
  9. Did you find all the pictures? I placed them in your books/ journals. Most of them.
  10. What are your sleeping arrangement is it like a dorm at EFY? Yes.
  11. Can you e-mail any pictures? I can, but I don't have the time to figure it out, I will send my first memory card with my letter today.
  12. Will you be able to Skype? Nope.
  13. How was the first day? Like a wave crashing into the beach, a little of me was lost, but I still stand.
  14. Do you see Elder Parks? Often, the MTC is small like a house. He is very nice.
  15. How is the food? It is really simple, but good. There isn't a lot of sugar, sodium, or flavor in them. Just very basic and more healthy.
  16. How is your acne? Good .
  17. Is your cold sore resolved? Yes.
Everyone is asking about you at work, at home, all checking on us to make sure all are surviving. We are and I'm glad to here you are having the time of your life! I hope you jumped off the high dive and are fully saturated in the decision you made 5 years ago. How sweet the reward. I loved your letter and had a huge confirmation of there truthfulness of those words. You truly know the desires of my heart. I'm very pleased for you and am not worried. You are on the lords errand with god to protect you. Your flag is so cool and many have commented how neat it is.

Today, at lunch I bought two new chairs and two mirrors for 45$ next door to Eisenstein bagels for lunch. The chairs look perfect next to the piano. I will have to send you a picture.

I loveove you a great deal! The Heaton kids come over tomorrow and I am going to Parker's wedding to take pictures for them.

Elder Parks mother and I are keeping in touch he called her in London she was pleased he said the 2nd flight was better that the first also. Make sure you are drinking! I love you!

Mom I'm sorry my emails are quick but I fight troubles on the computer with the time clock racing. I love you all very much. Please thank Jacob, and Jill for their pictures.
Please write to me. I'm doing very well at learning how I teach after my companion and I went off alone to pray for me. I was having a hard time with my nerves and not wanting to fail .I kind of psyched myself out. Now I’m settled down I feel better and more clear. Please have everyone e-mail even if I can't respond, just to hear them in the message helps me to move forward. I love to hang with the Africans and feel more like them than the others. They are simple and very accepting. The lord has blessed me so much with my companion here. He makes me feel like I'm home in Africa. Tell everyone at work I love them and to keep going, Remind Samara to go to school. I love you and Dad, Jacob, and Jill. My time is almost out. Tell Parker good luck and I love him.

Always forward South Africa, Elder Jack Dalton :)

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