Sunday, February 19, 2012

First letter from Jack

Letters from Jack
 I need to catch up on a few thing to post but these are something I can't wait on.

February 16th 2012 Day Three

Dear Dad and Family,

I have officially made it to South Africa! It's so hot and humid, kinda like Navuoo when we went. The flight was easy, because I was so tired i just slept the whole way.

We where picked up like we where promised and the ride over was awesome. Sorry this one will be a short email, I feel I’m in a hurry. The MTC is small like a house and there are about 21 or so in here. This reminds me of EFY and how it runs.

My first companion is a Native of Africa. He is Elder Nyanidoro from "Zim" which is Zimbabwe. I'm already in culture shock down here. Even the way they speak in different, so much for an English speaking :). Luckily the gospel is the same where ever I go.

I love the lord and his gospel. I'm just trying to get over my many feelings and trying to settle them all down. I'm writing in my journal often and doing my best to document all my doings, " To be a record keeping people". I know there is a lot to do but in the words of the president's councilor " You eat an Elephant one bite and a time".

Mom, thanks for all the packing and letters it's a lot, but thank you. I love you all very much and know I'm where I need to be.

Always Forward South Africa
Elder Dalton :)

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