Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Super Power: My Ability to Love!–July 2, 2012

Dear Family,
This week has been all over the place and one of a lot of hard work.
Elder Jenkins and I have really been tearing it up in Jozi central. We
had a total of 35 lessons taught and 6 new investigators. We had
almost half of all the lessons taught this week in our Zone. Heavenly
Father really has been blessing us with the ability to move his
kingdom. I'm kind of sad that I may only have another week here and be
moving somewhere new. I know that Elder Jenkins will do great with
everything, but this area is now a huge part to me.

We went on exchanges this week and I went out teaching with an Elder
named Van Heredan. He's from Port Elizabeth and a true blue
Afriakaner. We had so much fun and joked. He also helped me out so
much with my own inner problems. I'm very hard on myself and have
always wanted to know what my special skill is as a missionary. He
basically told me I'm a good missionary that has an amazing ability to
love all people. He was amazed at the fact that everyone of our
investigators has a deep love for me and I for them. He noticed in my
teaching that I spoke love and was honest in my care for my people. I
had never noticed it until he told me and it hit me so hard.

Later at the end of this week. I found out one of my little sisters in
the Masete Family broke the word of wisdom and was a total wreck the
night we came to see her. She was so full of guilt and Mama Sonia
wanted some help from us. My big brother mode came into play and we
took care of her. I then talked with my African Mama and gave her some
advice on how to handle this, because the African way is really to
beat her. Instead I taught how Christ forgives. That it stings at
first, but he heals with love and compassion. So far so well and they
are helping her.

Finally, yesterday was awesome! Elder Jenkins and I taught primary!
The kids loved us and they all knew who I was. When I opened the door
they shouted "ELDER BUMBA!" We taught about prayer and fasting. We
sang a ton of songs and just had a great time! It makes me realize
that little child really are heirs to the kingdom of god. Can't wait
to have them . . . in due time:)

I'm doing well and love you all. Dad keep going on the shakes and
smoothies! That movie gave me a lot of hope and I know you can do it:)
Mom stay happy and take it easy . Jacob and Jill I sent you letters:)
Keep out of trouble and be safe. Everyone watch out for each other and
I'll write again soon:) love you all:)

Love Your son and brother,
Elder Jack F. Dalton

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