Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Having a Birthday in the Service of the Lord–October 15, 2012

I laughed and smiled so hard, there was some rubbing the eyes and clapping hands, at seeing the many pictures of you. I loved that you ran in my honor, thank you. It was good to see that you are all doing so well! It makes me strive to be the best I can be to honor you all. Crazy to see how everyone is growing up and how mom is starting to disappear! I'm starting to get afraid that there will be no more mom when I get back! or that I might break her as I hug her. Still good job to the whole family becoming physically active! Working out is just like the gospel and faith, you receive no witness until after the trail of your faith!

This week has been a great one. We taught a good amount and progressed the work with inspiring people about the truth. My favorite line was from an investigator we met at another lesson. We taught the Restoration of the gospel and afterward his face was filled with astonishment, then taking a moment said with amazement "The true church of God has been restored". We both smiled and said at the same time, "Yes it is!" A good week in the work:)

I had a very good birthday. It was filled with Conference, members singing to me, and Chinese food. It was a bit weird having a birthday away from family, but brought many memories of home back. I also got a little closer to home from the biggest package I've ever seen from Aunt Jessie. It was filled with all the New Mexican essentials: Salsa, corn chips, green chilies, macaroni and cheese, gum, and even (get ready for this) Sopapillas! THANK YOU JESSIE! it came at the right time and was a perfect blessing. Tell your husband hello as well and thank you. I know that you (my family) wanted to have your package reach me in time, but it hasn't yet. Don't worry though, I still feel the love you have for me and have great joy in what I have already been blessed with.

Conference really inspired me to be the best I can. It taught me to never give in to the world and be strong. I really feel blessed to have a modern day prophet and apostles to lead and guide in this crazy world. I especially loved Elder Neilson's Talk about if you have a problem or question, " Ask the Missionaries"! Needless to say it was a fun and nice stroke to our egos. It also placed a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. My next favorite was the talk Elder Uchtdorf gave in priesthood session about the two different planes and remembering to enjoy the ride. Also the fact to be happier and letting ourselves to be happier! The church is true and I know it!

Finally my last celebration will be a nice lunch today during P day! I'll send pics for sure.Crazy to now think I'm 20 years old! What an adventure! I'm sorry to be so short today and apologize to those I would normally write a separate letter, but my time today is limited. I'll spend more time next week and tell you about our party'n today. Lots of love to you all. Stay strong and endure with faith and not fear!

Love your Brother and Son,
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton

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