Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From Africa–January 2, 2013

Party Time! That's what it was like for all missionaries the past week. It has been a lot of fun, but often it's a bitter sweet sense. We've hung with our entire zone, had a spit with our branch president, and my favorite part talking with all of you. This holiday season has been such a blast and a very cool time for me to reflect on were I've been and what I have before me. I hope that it has been just as fun for you all.

For Christmas and for new years we gathered together as a zone to play sport, have braais, watch some good holiday movies, and have a blast together. However most of the time we were just winging it and caught in a confusion of "what do you want to do" from time to time. It was really nice to be around my friends and especially my trainer Elder Fagg. I can say he's been trunky for home by the way he kept reminding us about the amount of time till he would leave. He made sure even today that I knew he only has 19 days left. Besides that we hung around each other talking about the great time we had together in Jozi. Time is traveling as I often sat thinking about I was just with Fagg. It helps the feelings of homesickness you get around this time with the thought you only have one more to cover.

Christmas was harder that New Years for me, mainly for the memories we've made the past few years. The traditions have a funny way of creeping back into your mind and let you reflect on life. I found myself thinking about Disneyland, making homemade gifts, and decorating the house. It was a good time and a happy one to remember. It was even fun to be around our branch president on Christmas with all his little crazy kids. We had a huge spit with lamb and tons of games, it was so nice except the pool part were we had to sit and die in the heat. It got even better when I was able to hear and see all of you. I was so happy and proud to see the small changes that are happening, Jacob's voice being one! I was so thankful for that time.

I must apologize for how short this message is,but most of what I wanted to share was said in our call. I promise a longer one next week:)

Much love from me and Africa. My branch president also says that he doesn't sound Irish.

Love your son and brother,

Elder Jack Dalton


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