Monday, February 25, 2013

I Want to be a Cowboy!–February 25, 2013

Sounds to me like you are all having a good time right now and things look up:) First off, CONGRATS TO MY LITTLE SIS FOR MAKING IT INTO UCAS!!! I'M SO EXCITED! (Lots of eye rubbing) I think that is by far the best news of the week. I also love the news that Dad is going to move a lot closer to the new middle school, means I'll be taking Jill to school! My week has been one of service on the Farm again and did I feel like a true cowboy. This last week was almost like a fun break, but we sure did work our tails off. I'll explain what I mean.

So, our mission has been cracking down on how many kilometers we are able to drive every week. That includes the K's we use to go to meetings and transfers, which are at least 100 K's from us. This pushes down really hard on the ability to get around our vast area to visit our members and investigators. This week we had a meeting like that and it ate many of our K's, so we asked our McDonald family if they wanted our help we would just need a lift, they had no problem with that, they love us. To back tract a little, the meeting was on Tuesday, we got new bank cards and got the information that Botswana will become it's own mission on July 1st. This means any missionaries up there at that time will transfer missions! I'm up for transfer at the end of this week and it could happen to me, way awesome! That mission would also cover Namimbia, So maybe I could serve within three countries?! We'll see I guess and the only reason why I have high hopes, was after President Omer announced the new mission he looked directly at me and singled me out. All my group at that meeting said I was gone for sure. HaHaHa!

Later in the week over Friday and Saturday we were out on the Farm of the McDonald's just hanging out and doing service. Friday was a very chilled out day, but we made Boerwvores, it's like a bratwurst. They own a butchery in a township and so we helped to make some that day. I never knew meat was such a good lotion:) It was a blast! Later I taught them how to rope their calves and we had a laugh the entire time. Saturday was the best though, We helped them take four huge cows down to a sell yard! I never knew how hard it was to load animals into a trailer and how stupid these cows can be. I got my work out that day for sure.

It got better as we got to the sale yard and had to place the cows in a small loading slot, because his back of the trailer swings open to the right and was larger than the opening we needed them to go. Lucky for us only one got out and we had to chase it around, still very stupid animal. We then waited for the auction to take place so we walked around looking at shops, the other animals, and had some freaking sweet food! We also helped Grant, the oldest brother, load three pigs for slaughter and I thought cows were dumb! Still the whole day was a blast to do and it continued when we got back to the farm, because another guy came to buy three calves. This meant I got to use my rope skills I never knew I had. All in all it was so much fun to help at the farm and give service to a family that could use as much help as possible.

I'm excited to find out what happens to me at the end of this week and how things go with all of you. I love you all very much and hope you stay happy:)

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton

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