Monday, February 4, 2013

Breaking the Record–February 4, 2013


I kind of feel bad for the poor letter envelope i sent. I hear that you all attacked it like a school of piranha! Still I'm glad that you loved to get mail from me. I hope that it was a really great gift. This week has also been a great gift to me and Elder Meyers. We worked hard this week and have been trying too continue to grow our little branch. There has now been great success in the tilling of this area. I think being out in the farming and coal mining parts of South Africa I liken the work of this place too growing corn, it sure takes a long time too grow. Yet, it's awesome in the end.

This week was great in the fact we had just under our attendance of last week and we made an all time high of our lessons! Now to some it may not sound like much, but we had eight! All of them less active with great spiritual accomplishment. One was with Quintin and him meeting his home teachers, it was awesome to see the branch finally coming together to support the lost members. The branch has been focusing a lot with us to pull people back. I've never really felt this way about a certain little branch, they are really growing in my heart with the work and trust they place in us. I'm starting too see why my mission president told me that I would feel accomplished here.

I'm doing really well this week and have a lot of service with one of our members on their farm. I love you all so much and hope you loved the letters:)

Your Son and Brother,

Elder Jack Dalton

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