Thursday, July 19, 2012

A lot of Work and Another Mountain to Climb–July 16, 2012

Dear Family,
I've been placed into an area that needs a lot of work and it's
upsetting to see that people haven't taken care of such a wonderful
area. I almost have to take a deep breath, because this area is going
to need a lot of work. My new area is a township named Katlehong, it's
the same size as American Fork, Lindon, and Pleasant Grove combined
maybe bigger than that. I also have a new companion, Elder Bangater
from Highland Utah. He will leave me in 4 weeks to go home and I will
be in charge of this area. He's a cool kid, that is willing to work
until the end and is a lot stricter than my last companions which is
good for this area. He's also served here before, but it was a year
ago since last time.

The area is so bad that more than two thirds of the branch is less
active including the elder's corm president. The branch president
holds no meetings and all the leaders are pretty much asleep when it
comes to their duties. Also we really only have two investigators and
the other twelve are made up names just put up on a board to make it
look as if they had something. It is very upsetting, because I've met
so many people here that are amazing. This area should be the jewel of
our mission, but from laziness it is falling apart.

I've never began to be so obedient and pray so often on mission than I
have here. It's going to take a miracle from heavenly Father to let
us again bring our branch back. I'm doing everything I can to let that
happen for him to grant that miracle to us. I've started to come to
post the phrase " He notices every sacrifice we make" as my theme,
because as I give up my bit of "rebellion" he can bless us more
freely. I've noticed the miracles already by whatever I pray for
coming to pass, appointments falling into place, and having the spirit
carried with me that gives me more power than I've ever felt.
Elder Bumba is being used for our heavenly Father to move mountains!
My spirits are kind of shaken, but they are hardening to pull this
branch up with the lord's help. I know I can't do this alone, and
nothing will happen with out his intervention. I'm just trying to stay
happy and control my passions. It' very hard to be as obedient as I
can, but when my thoughts start to wonder to ease up, God gives me a
miracle to move through it all.

In the seven days we've been in our area we've done so much. We've met
with a lot of less actives and have held three large combined FHE nights
to inspire the branch to unite. I used Dad's idea of Captain Moroni as
my main message. We've helped a less active of two months to come back
to church and quit smoking, so we have really been "thrusting in our

I can now see this area will be my test, and a really big adventure.
Dalton's have been known to do hard things, and this is just another
chance to show it again. Just keep praying for me and write me often.
I need all the help I can get :)

I love you all so much:) Mom good job and getting back to work and
loosing so much! It will be hard to notice you when I see you again.
Dad, good luck on the test you'll do great and don't give up on
working out. It's hard at first, but you'll start to see the blessings
flood in! Jacob you are the man! keep moving forward and working hard.
Trust mom and dad in all you do. There are times in our lives that we
may stumble, but our parents can pick us up and dust us off. You are a
Dalton and you are my brother, I love you. Jillian don't worry too
much about high school. Have faith in your future and pray to Heavenly
Father for the best. I know you, and you'll be great:)
I love you:)

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack F. Dalton

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