Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Growth Was Never Meant to Be Easy.–September 3, 2012

My Dear Family,

Sounds like you all had quite the week of doom! I'm very touched to hear you’re all okay and were able to stand together in hard times. We've been teaching a lot about families and how they are the major part to Heavenly father's plan, and that our family is the best source of love and support to overcome this world. I use you all in many lessons.

This week has made me reflect on family a lot, and has helped me to move forward in the work we are in. You could say Family is really what I've seen this week. This week has been full of finding and strengthening our branch. Along with it, Elder Palmer and I volunteered every day to dish for orphans in our community. It helps the community know that we are really here for them and at the same time humbles us missionaries to see the state of poor children. It was actually a blessing that we found this small foundation.

Tuesday we went and had all our appointments cancel, our finding efforts were a disaster, and I was telling Elder Palmer how discourage I was because of it. That's when a lady called us over and asked why I was so distressed. We talked and told her who we were. She then told us how she feeds orphans lunch; we then quickly asked to help. The rest of the week, we were there dishing to kids with a smile. They all love seeing two huge white guys serving them and often laugh as we tell jokes. It really helps me to be humble and courage to keep up in this great work. Blessings soon came from this increase of service and in our own efforts to be more obedient. An example is how we were walking from appointment to appointment when a man named Praise God stopped us. He told us how he had a friend tell him about our church and he had been looking for it for a long time. He then said he needed the Book of Mormon and was willing to buy one from us. When we gave it to him for free he was incredibly happy, telling us he knows it's true and he wants to be baptized. Needless to say Elder Palmer and I left with jaws open. That doesn't just happen. What a testimony builder to us in the Lord's promise that he prepares people. Not to mention that it then would happen again, but with a new father with a large family who said “I NEED to hear what you have."

Patience is key to the work as well. The Lord has taught me to trust him and know that the work will go at his pace, not mine. I say that, because our teaching pool is very low and we have a small number of investigators, but we are seeing the Lord prepare us for a much larger plan. All we must do is wait and keep enduring the challenges set before us. We know that we can't fail if we are in the Lord's hands, no matter how long it takes. Growth was never meant to be easy; it often requires a little discomfort and pain.

I got my package on Thursday and nearly busted into tears at it. I loved everything in it so much. The candy was well loved by all missionaries and the heating pad with lush will be loved in times of hard work. The vest is another constant companion and all the other missionaries are jealous, I tell them my mommy and I made it. Of course you can now see me walking the streets playing my air guitar with the sweet pic of doom! That was so awesome to get, it helps on the long walks. I loved Anika's tape and the Tie Amanda got for me. Both help me feel more at home. Packages are a missionary's love.

I'm doing well and I'm very happy. I see my efforts are never wasted. Never worry too much about me, I feel like I'm now a part of South Africa. This place is awesome and stands in need of the Gospel. A young man that I took out on splits yesterday asked me what I loved most on mission, I told him “It’s watching and being a part of the gospel changing to improve people's lives."

I love you all. We will be together again. Together we are strong.

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack Forrest Dalton:)
AKA Elder Bumba


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