Monday, September 17, 2012

The Gospel Blesses Families–September 17, 2012

Dear Family,

Nice to hear that there is a bit of being normal in your last week. As for myself it has been up and down, I feel like someone threw me into a washer and hit the extra spin cycle for fun. Still I'm alive and doing okay:) Glad to hear that people are getting my mail to them, shows that the post offices are working. This week has taught me a lot, but my favorite has been on families. There has been two major families here that have touched my heart in a new way I have never felt before. Elder Palmer and I have really been working this area and have been blessed enormously. Let me tell you of the two major ways this week.
I told you that we were teaching an Indian family last week. Their surname is Jacobs from Palm Ridge. There are five in the original family, with their daughter Trisha married with her husband in the same house. When we first got into that home it was on the brink of falling apart. The mother had tried to commit suicide twice, her marriage was down the toilet, finances were shot, and you could feel a home on the verge of collapsing. Then the two large boys from Utah showed up to the scene. They told us everything, my heart sorrowed for such a wonderful family, but we made them promises that only elders could. It was a testimony to me that the Lord has perfect timing, and we are just here for the ride. As we've began to teach them blessings have began to flow out to them. In a short week: the Mom and Dad are closer in love, peace is in their home, the father got a 20% increase in pay, and things are just working out. Even better is that they are the ones noticing the blessings and putting them to us ever since we have began to visit them.

On top of it all was on Thursday this last week we didn't have an appointment with them, but I told Elder Palmer we needed to go visit them. Needless to say we showed up at the perfect time. Their car was not starting and needed a jump for the next day. They were amazed to see us show up right in time. Brother Peter (the father) said to us, " As we looked at the car and thought what are we going to do I saw that blue car of yours. I just said Elder Dalton and Palmer are here!" We later just talked and they fed us curry. That's right, curry from real Indians! It was powerful. Later the next day we taught a powerful lesson on the Book of Mormon to them, they felt the spirit, it was thick. I might even say it was the most I've taught by the power of the spirit than any other time in my mission.
If you think that was cool, I haven't gotten to the next major experience in my week. Again it deals with another family named the Dlamini family. We've been teaching the Mother and Father of this family ever since I got to Katlehong. They're later in age, in their 50's, and have a good sized family. Missionaries first came to meet them back in 1998, but brother Elton (father) didn't want anything to do with them. His kids how ever listened and eventually all joined, their eldest son serving a full time mission. Finally they were ready to be taught and Elder Palmer, Bangerter, and myself got the chance to teach. This past Sunday the entire family was united in faith, they were baptized. 14 years of resisting, but accepting it with powerful testimonies of Joseph Smith, the priesthood, and Temples. They now told us that their goal is the Temple sealing one year from now. I was greatly blessed to be apart of it all:) There was a lot of tears that day with a family finally being united.

For me this week went by fast and was weird. The rains have come back to Africa and keep us pretty cool in the 70's. Personally I have been struggling with motivation and not becoming tired, hopefully this P day will refresh me and help me gain my strength. Elder Palmer and I have been praised for all our hard work by our leaders and even has reached word to our president. The zone leaders even had a meeting with him and suggested we stay together for another transfer, President said " Sounds like a good idea!" So Elder Palmer and I might be together another 6 weeks after this transfer, meaning we will celebrate both of our birthdays and our 8 month mark! Kinda crazy huh?!

I love you all so much and I know this is our Savior's true church on the earth. Families are meant to be together forever and are made to support each other. Before you know it I'll be home sitting with my family once again. Keep it all up:)

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack Dalton

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