Monday, September 24, 2012

I Had a Dream, Elder . . . September 24, 2012

So this week has been another full of work and dedication to keep moving forward. We've been doing a lot of work with our less actives and our recent converts. Always trying to re-motivate them to come back and get back on the horse. Many of them have fallen into sin and gotten lost onto forbidden paths that make them end up in hard times. My heart bleeds every time I see a member suffering and going through a life in the dark or being consumed with a soul crushing addiction. If only they would wake up and remember how good the gospel is and how easy life can be when Heavenly Father is first in their hearts. I guess that is our agency and our weakness as humans. Still, there have been many times that I've wanted to pick them up and shake them awake.

For the most part of our week we got around, teaching 31 lessons ( more than our neighbors Vosloorus 1 and 2 combined! Haha little bit of pride!), and really did our best to invite and inspire. Our miracle of the week happened as we went to visit our Indian Family in Palm Ridge this Saturday night. We showed up just at the right time to help push their car that ran out of gas again. My ability to push cars great distances has come into play a lot. When we got the car to the house and took them to get gas, we found the whole family a wreck. The Father and son in law had been driving in the truck all over South Africa delivering things with out sleep and got injured when they moved heavy supplies, the kids had been writing exams, and the mom was really sick with the flu. Elder Palmer and I had our hearts broken as they still tried to entertain us. As we talked with them, they laughed and got serious at how we always showed up at the right time. They also said that ever since we came to this house there has been a new feeling in the home. We were amazed at how they told us what they noticed, the spirit became very strong. Then a miracle happened I will never forget my entire life. The Mom got very silent, then asked us a question. She told us she had it the night before and talked to her daughter about it. She said that in the dream she saw us talking to her, we told her to put oil on her head and she would feel better and be alright. I was shocked and nearly fell off my seat. We had never taught about blessings for the sick or even the priesthood. It was a shock for them when Elder Palmer pulled out his oil. That night we gave the mother a blessing, the father, and Trisha. We then knelt as a family in prayer to thank god for our experience. They told us they new we were true messengers and want to know more. It forever built my testimony to the truthfulness of this gospel. I cried that night from the spirit I felt.

I'm doing well and feel like I'm now apart of South Africa. I know all the slang and the stuff. I even feel natural at driving on the other side now. It's almost like life back how is a really good dream we talk about. I'm happy to hear mom didn't die while being crazy and Jacob loved his party. Tell him to take good care of Dexter my car! Jill I love you and keep being awesome. Dad stay strong at school and play some xbox to remember me. Mom I love you:)

Love your son and brother,
Elder Jack F Dalton

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