Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Blazing African Sun is Starting to Heat Us Up!–August 27, 2012

My Dearest Family,

This week has been one for the record books on work and heat. Elder Palmer and l are doing well. We worked incredibly hard this week, and now we are going to party hard this Pday! We had three major goals this week: keep our kilometer limit under 500, teach as many lessons as possible, and find a ton of new fathers in the process. We have seen miracles happen right before our eyes.

Our Zone Leaders told us last week that we needed to stay under our k limit. We promised to, even though our area is huge! We then started to work by park and walk days. That's where we do exactly what it sounds like, park and walk forever! At the same time we are starting to get to summer really fast. It’s around the 80's, but with the humidity it feels like the 90's in church clothes. Luckily, we are now getting a sweet tan of doom!

While we walked to and from appointments, we did a lot of street contacting. I found that I have a very good talent of pulling people over and getting to talk with them about the gospel. It's my favorite thing to get to know these people and their lives in South Africa. Many are amazed when they see two white boys in the township, then get shocked when we start talking to them. It's sad to say, even though apartheid is over in the law it's still stuck in their hearts.

The fruit of us walking around all week quickly came out. We talked and have set up times for more than 13 or so families, and have started to gain the trust of the people. Not to mention we were flagged down by a well off father in a huge SUV who had once met missionaries a long time ago and has been in search of us ever since. That was our major miracle of the week. We meet him and his family this Tuesday. (Rubbing eyes!)

The totals for our week were awesome. We taught 30 lessons to many different people, gained 7 new investigators, and have a bright outlook for our future. We are moving the Lord's work forward:) I found that if you really plan and have a goal, then pray to Heavenly Father to consecrate your performance, the blessings keep flowing like crazy. There were too many times where after we met a new family or had an amazing moment I would just look at Elder Palmer with the look of " Did that just happen?!", then he would return the look of " I know" ending with a double tap fist bump.

I can hardly wait for my package to come and feel all that closer to home. I'm also in shock at how quickly Jacob and Jill are growing! Jacob is going to knock them dead with those Dalton looks, and we will have to hide Jill in a closet until I get home to watch out for her! Sounds like you’re all going to have a fun fall and party it up in school. I love you all so much, and miss you like crazy. Keep it up and write often.

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack F. Dalton

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