Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Challenge. . . Witbank–November 18, 2012

Dear Family,

So I'm just kind of jealous at the fact your all in Disneyland partying it up. It's cool to me too see you all having a blast and keeping up the traditions of our family. Myself on the other hand have fallen into one of my biggest challenges yet and I can see how this will be one of those make it or break it areas. Before I get into it all I will start with the good news first and then the challenge.

So the good news that we found out at transfer meeting was we all are going home two weeks earlier than planned. Due too the decrease in the MTC time they need to move up some transfers, thus it causes us who have been out to go home two weeks early. That was a huge shock to all of us. That means I'm now over nine and a half months. I feel so old now:)

Now my new companion is Elder Holman from Panguitch, Utah. I didn't meet him until I made the two hour drive too our area called Witbank. Witbank is a coal city with many power plants and mines. If I had too liken it too anything it would be to district 11 in the hunger games. The air is so bad that it's said too be like smoking seven cigarettes a day, with the water having a nasty gritty taste. It's a town area meaning more white people and a lot of tracting. We also ride bikes everywhere and if your not going down hill in Witbank your going up. This gives us a hard time when many of our members live far away too us and myself not being in the best shape too bike. The heat doesn't help too being around 100 degrees with humidity:)

As for missionary work, Elder Holman, has been working very hard, but we have no investigators at all. The branch is falling apart and can be on the verge off combining with the other ward in the near by township. When I heard all of this and saw the state of this place it causes my heart to hurt. My companion is very weary from so much work with no success, being here 6 months with one child baptism. It's taken a lot out of him.

Many people may see this as a hopeless case and a time to relax off missionary work. It's very easy too become overwhelmed and taken back in this area with it's state. Still I look at it with a great amount of hope and with faith to change this area the best I can. It's similar too the state of Katlehong, but in the end that area came back alive. It was said too me by Elder Holman that there are three types of missionaries when it comes to treating an area: the one that destroys, the one that maintains, and the one that brings back. He says president sends the ones that have brought back dying areas too Witbank in hopes to do the same. I'm excited for this new great adventure.

On the flip side, our district is really awesome and very young only 2 out of our six are over a year. My companion is the oldest out at 17 months and district leader. I get along with the two missionaries that are 6 months and 3 months so much that I've been called too primary teacher in my district. Elder Fagg is even my Zone leader and has been around me this weekend which has been a blast too see him and talk about old times. HE's getting excited only having 9 weeks till he goes home. He told me that he nearly flipped when he heard I was coming to his zone. That was a tender mercy for sure.

Please have as much fun as you can for me and tell me all about it. Keep me in your prayers. I even think I will be able too Skype at a email shop I'm at so there is a chance.

All my love!

Your son and Brother,

Elder Jack F Dalton


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