Friday, December 14, 2012

Mission Softens the Heart–December 10, 2012

My Eternal Family,

This last week was full of service and random activities. I've been to a giant Buddhist temple, fed horses, cased cows, cooked for 200 people, broke it down at a youth conference, and gave a last min talk about faith. It's funny how much I've been doing here, but time to time I feel my heart hurting for the situation of my area. I can say I spent most of my time last evening thinking to myself how life is truly how you decide too look at it. Similar to blinders on a horse we can focus on the negative only or the positive. For me I'm trying to see that a few rain clouds in my sky of sunshine should never ruin my day, but be a mere shady spot.

It was interesting for a Zone meeting this Friday we went to a Buddhist Temple to have it. The place was so huge and right in the middle of no where. It was much like those places you see in old kung Fu movies and where you feel at any moment ninjas will fall from the sky. It was very peaceful and extremely beautiful to see all the effort to beautify the temple. The monk that was there was also very funny and a blast too talk with. In my mind I thought all of my love for Asian culture is being fulfilled while I still serve in South Africa. The meeting was a great time too see everyone and Elder Fagg, who goes home in 41 days. My favorite part came when I got my post. Yes, that means I got the Package!!!! I love it so much everything in it will be a blast too have and decorate with. I can add that the caramels were the first too go:) Thank you so much!

Afterward the Zone leaders took us to the Stake center to help for the next two days with a youth convention. I met many people from Pretoria and had a great time helping with food and organizing. There is just something about working hard and a simple conversation with funny old women I love as we all cook. Friday night was my favorite time, it was the dance that we got too make sure everyone had a good time. I wore the bandana I got in the package to surprise everyone at the fact I could out dance anyone there. Everyone was crazy and screaming at the sight of a missionary breaking it down, even the leaders were happy that I got the kids excited. Many after said I would be famous cause they took pics and videos to paste on there Facebook. It was a lot of fun.

That same night we left with the Zone leaders who took us too a surprise. The surprise was a entire block completely decked out with Christmas lights! I never felt so trunky in my entire mission than at that place, on top of it the zone leaders popped in a cd full of Christmas music! I am glad to see you went through a light forest, because that night it felt like I was a little kid again looking out of the car with a huge smile. I knew that this was just what I needed. Thank you mom and dad for that memory!

Finally, Saturday evening we spent the time at our Branch president's home for pizza night and fun. We toured around his small farm with his young kids running around us the whole time. As a side note my President is very young around his early 30's with a young family. We then shot wasps nests with paintball guns, then I helped his wife feed the animals, we made personal pizzas, made cotton candy, and then got the news that will make mom flip. President said that we could Skype for as long as we wanted at his place on Christmas and that he has unlimited internet! Looks like I'll see you all on Christmas!!!! Woot woot!! I even just heard in an email from President that we are allowed too Skype!

I love the pics of the Christmas tree I'm sure it looks awesome back home:) Dad Thank you for writing me, it made a huge difference in lifting my spirits. I love you all so much and will write again next week:)

Love your Son and Brother,

Elder Jack Forrest Dalton


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