Friday, December 14, 2012

Spit Fire Balls from an Apostle–October 29, 2012


Dear Family,

Well this week has been pretty cool and was much like any other week. The only exception was I was able to meet and shake hands with Elder Jeffery R. Holland! I was pretty excited for this and to hear what he had to tell us. Later on Friday I also got my Birthday PACKAGE!!!! It was a week of awesomeness:) Truly a week that I will not forget. Elder Palmer and I have been moving forward and been trying to encourage our investigators to come to church. Sometimes I can see why agency has a negative side too it. Still we keep finding and teaching. It's funny to think two weeks from now I might be leaving for my third area where I will hit my year! It's funny cause, I feel like I just got here.

So this Thursday we went to Sandton for our special zone conference with Elder Holland. there must have been 200 missionaries there. When we arrived everyone was hugging and greeting each other. I saw many people from my MTC group that I hadn't seen in months, we all laughed and soon started to recap the last few months of where we had been. I also saw my very funny father, Elder Fagg. He was so funny to see and to talk with. It was much like a proud father talking with adoring son, kind of cheesy. Still I loved seeing that English guy and he told me how happy he was to see me repairing his old area.

We all then entered the building and waited for it to start. I was sitting up front with Elder Palmer, he was conducting the music, when they told us Elder Holland wanted to shake all of our hands. That was cool until I noticed I was to be the first to shake his hand. I was so nervous and thought I might just burst into smoke as I touched his hand. He was a very nice guy and asked where I was from, he then asked " You okay Elder Dalton", in my mind I said "Oh no he's found something, I'm doomed". I just smiled and shook my head yes. His talk was full of gratitude for our sharpness and obedience, still it didn't stop him from shooting at us to be who we needed too. He also said that our mission should be the best time of our lifes and that when we return home we should be changed forever. The spirit was at the same intensity of the temple, with every shout he gave with passion was a spiritual fire ball of doom that burnt some weaknesses out of our character. It was awesome!

Friday was awesome as well. I got my package and I love it!!! Whoever's idea it was to send Zebra cakes I will fall down at their feet and thank them. I love all the crafts as well, I'll probably pass them all out this week to kids in my branch. I want to know who picked the shirt and pants. . . they are sweet! Elder Palmer and I laughed at them. Today I'm going to wear the shirt and laugh because the Africans freak out at the sight of the grim reaper, they are heavy into believing in Satanism. It's funny. I even made cupcakes last night for P day eve, but most of the frosting never made it to the cupcakes:) Thank you for the package and I will send some pictures of it home.

I'm doing well down here in South Africa. I feel very much a part of it and the people here. I have thoughts about how weird it will be to come home and readjust. I can say now that people here see me more as black than white, even saying when I talk it sounds like their talking to another black dude it's pretty sweet:) I'm jealous of the Disney trip, but I know it will be a blast! The blankets look freakin sweet and the Dog house looks simply brilliant! I'm a bit jealous also of Jacob and Jill getting one on one time:) LOL Still I love all of you and wish you the best, keep being happy:)

Love your son and brother,

Elder Jack Forrest Dalton


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