Friday, December 14, 2012

Miracles and Vacations! – December 3, 2012

Dear Family,

This was probably the best week ever here in good old Witbank! It was full of spending time with our zone leaders, Christmas parties, and a miracle or two:) I can say that this week has really lifted my spirits with a new hope and a stronger testimony that our heavenly father really is watching. Sometimes it takes a little struggle to loosen up the ground in order too grow up.

So the week started with us going out too Pretoria with the Zone leaders. They were picking us up for a zone conference the next day to be on time, they then told us to take the car around to find some activities the zone could do in the future. We were kind of amazed to be able and sight see around some awesome places in one of the most cheese boy parts of South Africa. We found a Elephant sanctuary, a crocodile farm, and a huge dam. I got some awesome pictures of those:) It would later turn out that we would stay with them for the next three days and even join them in teaching. It was wonderful to teach with Elder Fagg again, I had many flash backs to my greenie area. Then just the blessing to be able too teach was amazing, it's been hard going from 30 lessons a week, to be blessed with just one or two.

Then on the last day we were with the Zone leaders they told us the best thing I've ever heard. The mission had decided to give us our own car! I was dancing it up, rubbing my eyes, and screaming out in joy when they told us that! When I saw that car it just sent me over the edge, and I hugged that car. It's so nice to have a tool that will allow us to travel to all of Witbank, be able to visit more than one investigator/less active, and help us to stay out later in our area. Not to mention it personally gave me a renewing of hope in this area and was a personal answer to my prayers of help. Who new that something I took for granted in other areas would be a huge miracle in my eyes now. I'm extremely thankful.

Then this Saturday was our Branch Christmas party! It was full of a braai, bounce castles, and a lot of soccer. I was able to meet so many people of my branch and really get an in with them. It was a great time to talk and ask questions on how best too help the bleeding branch as the day went on ward. We also blew them away when we told them we had a car to visit people, they also noticed the huge blessing that comes with it. Now when I said a lot of soccer, I meant we played until our bodies could barley move. The missionaries had played at six in the morning until half seven, then we played it from eleven till four in the afternoon, Talk about crazy times with the branch. I think I'll be really good at soccer with this rate keeping up with how much we are playing.

I'm still happy and excited to work here in this area and be able to be the best I can at being a instrument. These are wonderful people and with this new hope, it makes the work much more possible. Happy Birthday to Jillian again! I'm excited from all the news you send me, keep it all up. I think about you all everyday, and it gets more powerful the closer I get too Christmas. Much love.

Your Son and brother,

Elder Jack F Dalton


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