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Can You Come Over Right Now? . . . Oh Yeah!–March 25, 2013

I'm so excited to hear that you are all very busy and working hard. I'm sure the spring break will be very nice to find those restful moments to keep going. I'm excited to hear that Jacob wants to go out for football, very manly. This week has been a week of miracles and many answers to my prayers and the prayers of my companion. We have been on much bended knee asking for more families and much success in bring more of God's children to him through his son. I find it a complete blessing in my tness just how the lord is working everything out. It's funny how at the moment it may not seem that anything is happening, then out of no where the lord drops a spiritual bomb in Rynfeild.

One of these spiritual blessing "Bombs!" (SBB) happened early Thursday morning. We had just gotten up for the day and were still getting all together when we got a text from our recent convert white family. It basically said, that they had a woman that worked for them and was extremely interested in the church. On top of that she wanted to see us now and had a family of six with most of the kids in their 20's with her husband! Needless to say Elder Msangi and I looked at each other with dumb founded faces! Then in a sudden burst we were finishing getting dressed and heading out!

When we got there we found our Recent Convert father talk to us about her. She and most of her family only could speak Zulu and Afrikaans. So our plan was then to have him translate as we taught. This woman, named Flora, had been working since she was 15 years old to provide her kids with a better future, you could see the marks of the hard labor from over the years, and she also told us that she had been in the Catholic Church most of that time as well. However, when we sat down she said, "I have this overwhelming feeling coming over me of peace and warmth", she could tell she never had this feeling ever in her church. We taught her alone and made plans to meet her family, because this, she said, is what she wants for them all. We also gave her a Zulu Book of Mormon and she started to cry and kiss the book, I had never before seen such a person truly understand what we were giving her until now. My heart was deeply soften to see one of my lost sisters coming home and knowing just from our presence that we were messengers of God.

The SBB's don't stop there at all! I told you about the Ackermann family, the less actives we found as we were tracting. Earlier this week we taught them about the spirit and at the end of the lesson the father and mother talked with us. The father expressed the desire to receive the priesthood and get his family to the temple. They both expressed how they felt it was time to really get back and have all the blessings we taught them. Again Elder Msangi and I were caught off guard, you don't normally prepare to have the entire family after a few visits say " We know it's true and we are done falling away, help us reach the temple"! And when I saw them the next time reading the scriptures as a family and Brother Ackermann reading about the priesthood my heart could burst. Then at church when I saw them come in to sit, let's just say there was much eye rubbing and clapping of hands. They then met with the bishop and set out dates with goals and said to me "You are now always going to see us at church!" It was brilliant!
We've also been able to meet with other Less actives and a part member family to get them on the path of becoming a "forever family".

Finally, the last biggest thing that happened was on Wednesday. The Campbell family is a very young family that are very cool members. They remind me of you and mom at an early stage. They had their first baby girl on that day and we decided to go all out for this family. To give a little background for you, we see them every Monday night for family home evening and I've grown to love these two very much. Sister Campbell is a recent convert who's family hates her husband and also is very hurt that she would become a Mormon. Still both of these two have stuck it all out in faith no matter what , even with not having much friends besides us and Brother Campbell's brother and wife. So I decided to spend most of my Easter money to buy them a card, pictures of their new baby, roses, and a very cool balloon to show they were loved. It was all worth it when we walked into the hospital room and gave them these gifts in front of their family. We would later find out that us going to be there for them has started to soften their parents hearts and got us many referrals of hospital workers. All I could say was "When you are in service of your fellow man, you are only in the service of your god".

I wish I could write all the things that have happened this week, but it would take too much time. The biggest thing I learned to sum it all up is " Stay the Course". You'll never be wrong by doing right!
I love you all and wish you a great week of work. Just keep looking to that vacation:)

I'm well and working hard, thank you for your prayers.

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack F Dalton

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