Monday, April 29, 2013

Lighting the Fires and Kicking the Tires–April 29, 2013

It's been a very interesting week of ups and downs, maybe even some sideways:) Still it's been a good week with more unique things happening. I've also had a confirming feeling of my "talents" that has been given to me. This week has been full of teaching, inspiring, and foundation laying. It's one that shows some work is going to get done, and I get to be the one to kick a few butts into gear.

I need to give you some background to "set the stage". Our ward in Rynfield is very nice and seems to get along, this is what many see on the top layer. It's come to our attention that their are some major cracks in the ward and the Bishop is trying to take it all on himself, often with the job of damage control. Many tragic this have happened since I've been here and I've been in the midst of it all, often told of things that are out of my priesthood keys, but since we seem to be the only ones running around to the ward we get to see it all. There is absolutely very limited home teaching being done, more than the average slack. There is also unseen barriers in the ward by class and race. Overall, the ward is missing the "Ward Family" feeling and it's every member for themselves.

We then went into action with what we needed to do. With our position and purpose we've seen and set appointments with key leadership in the ward. We've been teaching about service and using the Savior as the focus point to it all. This has caused many of our leadership to start too "Gird up their loins and be like men". We've also had a long and good meeting with our bishop, who told us he has heard amazing feed back about us and that he wants to send a request I stay for a while. We talked about things in the ward, families he needs us to focus on, and his requirements so we can help him. I felt very complimented that whole time and even at the statement he said " I'm going to be leaning on you guys a lot, we need your help", could he have said anything better to make me feel like a superhero and ready to take action to serve? I don't think so:) We were also given all rights to meetings to be a part of the ward as much as possible! Woo whoo!

From all the work we have been doing in teaching and growing our little tree in Rynfield it's starting to take major roots. I finally feel that the whole body of the ward is finally on the move and heading in the right direction. It's another testament to me that if I simply keep chipping at the mountain ahead it will fall! That is my message to everyone this week, just keep chipping away even if the end is not so clear. Also remember "You can't be wrong by doing right, and you can't be right by doing wrong"-Elder Soares

I'm doing very well and love you all. I'm excited to talk to you all in two weeks:) exciting!

Love your son and Brother,
Elder Jack F Dalton

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