Friday, April 26, 2013

I Would That You Would Experiment on My Words–March 18, 2013

It sounds like another crazy week in the "desert" dad calls these months. I'm sure your all looking forward to the future holidays and time to relax together. I can say that my side of the world has been full of much work and it makes me very tired. This past week my companion and I have found our theme in how we are going to work and also our message to our people of Rynfield. It all came to us while we shared Alma 32 with a less active young adult called Nati. For all of you that need to remember what the chapter is about, it's the teaching of Alma the younger to the poor Zoramities about the seed of faith and allowing it to grown into a tree of everlasting life. It also talks a lot about reaping the fruit we receive from our patience and diligence in nurturing the tree.

Our week was placed with much work and dedication. I'm so happy to have a companion who will stand with me and willing to push the wheel next to me. We visited many members, less actives, and investigators all with the same message of putting the work into their "spiritual trees". To also give the fruit of these trees to others, much like Lehi desiring to share the fruit with his family. We just all need to see that "our family" is really every son and daughter of God. Our effort has shown that we are dedicated to these people and will soon give us fruit at the right time.

This week we also have placed much time in finding more prepared people. The greatest blessing of my week came from this experience. On Thursday we took out a member to teach with us and we found time to also go out finding. I challenged Elder Msangi to try and contact someone, because he needs the practice using English. He then approached a large home and knocked on the gate. A young teenage girl came out and then quickly ran back inside saying "I'll get my mom". MY heart sank in fear at the thought of a white Afrikaans woman eating alive my poor companion. Just as my fear was taking me, a smaller girl ran up and shouted "THE ELDERS ARE HERE!" Come to find they were a very less active family and was in great need of our visit. We shared our message about trees and I got the name "Elder Peaches" from my description of the "desirable fruit" Alma talks about.

It was a testimony to me not to fear cause anything can happen and because of a little faith we now have a family to bring back.

Needless to say that my spirits are high and I look forward at this area with much hope. I understand true growth comes with time and patience. No tree was grown over night, but with day after day of work. I close with the words of the last verse in chapter 32 of Alma, in which I firmly testify I know is true: "Then, my brethren, ye shall reap the rewards of your faith, and your diligence,and patience, and long suffering, waiting for the tree to bring forth fruit unto you."
Much love and prayers for all of you:)

Love your Son and Brother,
Elder Jack F Dalton

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