Friday, April 26, 2013

Rynfield. Another Town, Another Adventure–March 11, 2013

Sounds to me like you've had quite the week and full of people coming and going. Myself I've been doing much of the same, "Coming and going". So you new that I was moved areas and left the improved Witbank with much sorrow since the members I visited cried at my departure. I was then shipped to a new place called Rynfield which is another town. It was very fun to meet my companion, Elder Msangi from Tanzania. When he looked at me for the first time all he could express in broken English was "WOW, what a big elder!" I was so happy to finally have my first real black companion, especially since I found out the horrible news that my MTC companion was sent home with some girl issues.

It was very cool as well to be told by the APs that I was sent to this area for a very special reason and that I was called to repair yet another area. I felt very honored at the thought of now being considered an AR, an Area repairman. At least that is what many of my group called it when the aps talked to me. Apparently, my companion has had a very challenging time with other companions and the area is suffering on the missionary side. I guess this is going to be my "special skill" for my mission. Kind of cool to think I'm the guy that President can look for as a tool to repair things.

Our teaching pool is very low and the commitment of the investigators is very low. The upside is that the Ward is amazing and full of awesome people. It's also the most white ward I've ever seen besides being home. They all welcomed me very openly and told my companion that I was going to whip him into shape. It's not good when the Ward notices the missionaries have been slacking. None the less our Ward Missionary leader is minted and will do anything for us. His own son is going on a mission to the Netherlands. I have another adventure and my work is cut out for me. I almost feel like I need to train my companion again, because he's had to learn English to be here and it didn't hit me until this morning that I'm now Senior companion. He's been out 6 months and I've nearly been out 13 months.

I'm excited and ready to do my best in another cool town. This one seems a little more promising with people willing to listen. I wish you all the best and the best of luck:) Jillian don't get stressed out about UCAS, they only try to scare the ones who aren't going to be committed. I know you and have been through that school, you're the right material for it. Jacob I'm so proud of you for dancing it all up:) your such a stud and I want pictures from prom. Mom make sure you sleep a little this week, I know how easily work takes you over until you crash. Dad, great news on the new jr high move, that will make your life a little easier:) I also want to see the alien they pull out of your hand!
Much love to you all and best wishes from Africa:)

Love your son and brother,
Elder Jack F Dalton

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